Electron Kinetics Eagle 2 Power Amp

Can anyone (sean??) tell me more about this amp?
I am currently using a Perreauc 3150B for my woofer's on the Infinity RS 1-B's. The Perreaux's are great sounding, however, there is an annoying hum from one channel ( I purchased it used...of course).
Is the Eagle, although less powerful, a good match?
I have an Eagle model 4 and think it's the greatest.. A really superb amp for just under 3K. I have heard the Eagle 2-c I think and remember it as very very good also. Eagles are known for killer bass, tight, controlled, powerful. I don't know how they would work with Infinity spkrs.
Oops...I see, checking the archives, that Sean did responed

10-03-02: Sean
Rwd: Rick, the Perreaux PMF-3150B makes the 2150B sound "weak and anemic" in terms of bass impact and slam. I found this out in a direct comparison. While i would not encourage you to sell your 2150 outright to purchase a 3150, i would say that i think that you would find a side by side comparison pretty enlightening. I don't think that any of the other amps ( Parasound 3500, Rotel 1090, Threshold S-500 ) outside of one of Mr Iverson's bigger Eagle amps can come close in the bottom end department, especially at low impedances. There is something to be said for an amp with high rail voltages ( 90 volts ) and high current capability when it comes to handling difficult loads and delivering high impact power on demand. Sean