Electrolytic 4 poles Jenson vs Mundorf

any members tried both caps and did any comparison between the two caps.  Please advise? 
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Can you be MUCH more specific? How much uF? What specific types of Jensen vs. Mundorf? What's' the application?

doing a tube power supply upgrades.  It’s a 2a3 output tubes with tube rectifier cv378.  I want to use either the Jenson 4 poles or Mundorf Hc+ 4 poles.  It’s a 220uf 450v, clc type of power supply.  Let me know which is a better cap in this application?  Thanks!  
If you want the best, then consider using Clarity TC film caps.  Get the Kelvin style 4 lead out version.  Simply fantastic in tube amp power suppliers. No need for electrolytic caps if your amp is tube rectified. I find ridding my tube builds of electrotylics really opens up the sound.