ElectrocompanietEMC1 vs. ResolutionAudio Opus21?

Hi All,
Has anyone done an a/b comparison of these two CD Players?
...or heard both of them but not in an a/b setting?
Your thoughts and observations are appreciated.
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I've had both and compared them side by side. Aesthetically the EMC-1 is better. The Opus 21 is nice, but more mundane looking. However, in the sound department the Opus 21 is better. It's very close, but my ears preferred the Opus 21: slightly more organic sounding, just a tad more dynamic, and just a bit more dimensional. The Opus 21 is also made locally and I like that. Every now and then the Opus 21 acts funny, but never has serious trouble. The EMC-1 has functioned flawlessly since day 1, except the Back button sticks every now and then in really hot weather. I have not been able to sell my EMC-1 on Audiogon (probably priced too high) so I'm using it as a transport with an external DAC and it serves that purpose extremely well.

Like I said it's close with these players, but I've tended to prefer the Opus 21 over the EMC-1 based on how it sounds. It's cheaper too, new that is.
I have heard both of these players in the same system.
Hands down the Opus 21
With the EMC-1 you need to use the spider clamp thta made a real difference in my friends. I have not heard them side by side. The 21 has two different sounds when driven with the fixed outputs into a preamp and also when driven with the vafiable outputs up full into a preamp. Try it and see if you hear a difference, I did.

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To Bigkidz,
Would you describe the difference you mentioned above? Which way sounded best. BTW, Did you happen to listen to the 21 using the variable outputs DIRECTLY into the amplifier....WITHOUT using a pre-amp? If so, comments please>
And thanks for all the other comments!
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I have owned both and now have the Opus. It is better sounding. The only area it lacks compared to the Electro is soundstage size. If you like a huge sound go for the Electro. The Opus beats it in every other area.

It sounded best direct into my amp with no pre at all.