Electrocompaniet vs. Resolution Audio

Am considering these players (can get both at same price) or alternatively a Sony Es777 sacd player. Any views on the subject?
I seriously auditioned the EMC and I own the Res. The bottom line with me was that the Res run direct to amp was more transparent and detailed with no loss of dynamics or headroom. They are both damn good but I prefer the no pre amp route. Have fun. Jim
I have an EMC-1 and although, I have not heard the player you have listed. I found the EMC-1 to be very tempermental. I was playing it on glass, big NO NO, so I switched it on to a wood table, much better in every way. Then I pulled off there feet and used racing cones #4, again a big improvement again. This CD player has to be the twickiest thing I have came across.
I have owned both the Cd-50 and Cd-55 as well as the EMC-1 and they are all very good. The Res. and Electro sound different and IMO it is not a question of better or worse only what is your preference. Try and hear them both and your choice will probably be clear as to which is best for you.
Briweve, I remember your post on another thread. You thought the EMC-1 bright. I have the EMC-1 and I have it sitting on the Neuance Beta which sits on the Mana mini table. If the cost is not an issue please give this combination a try. I have tried many different materials under the EMC-1 and none came close to the performance of the Neuance/Mana combo. Feel free to Email me for more details. I have nothing to do with Mana or Neuance. I am just curious to see if your jaw drops to the floor as mine did.
Glide3, how would you contrast the three products?
Fpeel, I am not very good at the descriptions but I'll try... and keep in mind that this is in the context of my room with my system. The EMC-1 provided a warmer sound which at first can give you the impression of reduced detail and dynamics until you realize that all the info is there. I found it to be very musical with good timbre and a nice overall presentation. The res. products have a similar presentation to each other which in general is very detailed and dynamic but not harsh or in your face. They seemed closer to neutral. Which would sound better to someone to me is largely a matter of associated equipment, musical preference and personal taste. They are all built very well but the aesthetix are totally different.
Hi, I owned both the EMC-1 and the CD-55 and auditioned them for about a month to see which I preferred. It was really hard to pick, but I went w/the EMC-1 because of its more analog-like (to me) sound. When I a/b/c'ed the two CD players w/my Linn LP12, all playing the same recording (Springsteen's The River and then the Smith's The Queen is Dead), the EMC-1 sounded just like the LP except w/tighter bass. To me, that was the ticket. The Resolution Audio has upsampling, clarity and detail without any harshness at all, and as others have pointed out, can be run directly to your amp. I would have kept them both if I could possibly have justified it, but since I wanted to upgrade other parts of my system I had to part with one of the players. I don't find the EMC-1 temperamental or sensitive at all, it sits on its stock feet on a wooden Salamander Synergy stand.
I might try some Black Diamond cones under it, based on an earlier post, however.
Hope all this helps, it was just my experience with the same CD players you are considering.
Audition a Cary CD303, you may like it as well or better than either of the above for less money. I love mine. I compared the 303 directly to a CD 55 and bought the Cary.
I have not heard the CD55. I have owned the Cary 303 and it is very good but in my system the EMC-1 had a better tonality with a transparency that the Cary could not quite match. Clarity, detail and a cleaner sound came from the EMC-1 vs the Cary 303.
I haven't auditioned the EMC-1, but I would guess it and the Cary are closer in sound to each other than either are to the Resolution cdp. The CD 55 was an excellent player, but I ultimately found it to be a little "cooler" than I preferred. Tonality is key. I listen to a lot of classical and acoustic music (jazz, folk) as well as rock, so timbre and tone are paramount in my book. From all the praise it's received, I'm sure the Electrcompaniet is a wonderful player. However, for about half of what I'd have to spend on the EMC-1, I think the Cary more than holds its own in my tubes/ss system.