Electrocompaniet Repairs and Support

I have been told by several dealers that the owner of Jason Scott Distributing -- a wonderful man, indeed -- is retiring. Since I have an opportunity to get a really good deal on a very desirable piece of used Electrocompaniet equipment, are there any other sources for repairs and support? The warranty issue is not critical here.
I just found out myself that Alan is closing shop. My cd player, preamp and monoblocks are all EC. I've sent a note to my dealer to see if he has any updates on a new distributor. I'll let you know.
Just a follow up on my note from the few minutes ago. I just got the following reply from my dealer, Raybeat Audio, regarding Alan Warshaw and Jason Scott. Hope this helps.

hi mark.
no! he/we will continue to honor all repairs & upgrades in the states. When the new dist takes over I will continue to carry the line as it fits my bill as high end audio for a good $$$.
hope ur well,