electrocompaniet new upgrade information

Can you tell me what the new upgrade for the emc-1 will consist of ? Will the dealers do it or the factory? I heard it will cost around $1500.00 any info will be helpful. Thank you

I just had my EMC-1 upgraded on Wednesday by a dealer. It consists of a new dac board that replaces the old one, plus some capacitors & resistors. Not anything I wanted to tackle. Cost is $1,000 for the upgrade kit, plus installation. It's still very new, so I can't say with any certainly what the improvements will be when it's fully broken in. However all the experts say it's a definite improvement over the original version.

I'm told that none of the new 24/192 models comes with the upgraded dac installed at the factory. You must have it installed by a dealer or qualified technician.

Hope this helps.
kenl I have the 24-96 emc-1 does that mean that I have to get the 24-192 upgrade first, than have the 24-192 upgraded again with the new dacs costing about $2000.00 total. I wonder if the improvement is worth the $2000.00?
Confusion is starting to set in I probably should not have mentioned anything about the future upgrade which is months away. A safe estimate is 3 months. This has nothing to do with the 24/192 upsampler DAC board. This is a capacitor, resistor, diode, regulator, etc. etc. upgrade. This is only in the prelimenary stages and there have only been a few done to date. 4 I believe! It is very impressive I just got mine yesterday. The price is not set in stone and this is something that they will want the dealers who have technicians to perform. It really is going to depend on what the labor time turns out to be. It might be less but I doubt if it will be anymore.
Electrocompaniet to date has never had their upgrades costs more than a unit coming totally updated I believe that will stay the same. But as those of you with EMC 1's know it was months before the new players came in with the 24/192 upsamplers. First everyone who had an original model was given the opportunity to upgrade their units. So i am assuming it will be with this improvement.
The advantage of the units is none of them get obsolete and you can improve them or not. The original EMC 1 with the 24/96 still sounds great - - just not as good.
Do you know where I can get some info for the CD and also how much MSRP?
There has been only 1 upgrade to this date and that is the upgrade from a standard EMC to a 24/96 EMC, period. ALL units coming from Electrocompaniet are the 24/96 and have been for many months now.

The second upgrade is in the beta testing stage right now. No EMC has or is shipping with upgrade #2. The fact that a dealer has had it done may be true but, Electrocompaniet is not claiming an upgrade date or what the upgrade consists of.

"capacitor, resistor, diode, regulator, etc" is so unclear and unspecific that I don't even understand how the dealer can claim it is more impressive than a 24/96 model but, they are his ears.

I think you meant to say 24/192, not 24/96. The former is contained in the upgrade kit provided my Electrocompaniet. It includes a new brass plate for the top of the cdp that indicates it has been upgraded to "24 bit upsampler 192khz dac".
How good is this player ?? I am selling off my Wadia 6 and was looking into the EMC or replacing the 6 with another Wadia model such as the 16i or the 850.. Has any of you compaired any of theses to any of the Wadia stuff??

Thanks for your input
In my post I did indeed mean 24/192, not 24/96. That was written in error.

Kenl: Are you saying that the upgrade to which sanctuary os sound is referring is contained in the 24/192 upgrade? I don't think that is correct.

No. The upgrade that SOS is referring to will be the next upgrade. You are right that the upgrade that I just had installed is the only upgrade currently available. I wasn't even aware of a future upgrade. Had I been, I might have waited to have them both performed at the same time.