Electrocompaniet Nemo or BAT VK-600se with Wilson Alexia ?

I will be getting a pair of Alexia 1's from a friend in the next few months. :)  I am currently using a BAT VK-600se and wonder if the Nemo's at 2x the wattage and much more current would be even better. What are you all using on your Alexia's?

Thanks for your advice!

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I’d go with Electrocompaniet.
Not if they're bridged as I suspect, not with those speakers.

Cheers George
I’ve owned BAT VK200 and VK30 preamp. Aesthetically, the amps are very well made, but the sound quality of both pieces was just so-so. If having to choose between the two, I’d go with Electrocompaniet.
Electrocompaniet Nemo or BAT VK-600se with Wilson Alexia ?

My friend has the Alexia’s they are a pig of a load for and amp, they go down to 0.9ohm in the bass. They need amps with current to get the best from the bass, big current that can "almost double" their 8ohm wattage into 4ohm and again into 2ohms. And being 91db they need >100w @ 8ohms or more.

Both amps are brutes and should work fine

PS: from what I see now my money’s on the Bat, the Nemo monoblocks "seem" to be bridged stereo amps, not to good for current and stability into a 0.9ohm load in the bass of the Alexia’s.

Cheers George