Electrocompaniet Nemo

Have anyone heared these amplifiers?
If you have, what did you think of them compared to others and what other equipment was in the chain?
I interested since I have a change the get a pair at a very reasonable price.

Thanks in advance

Ulrik G. Madsen
nemo as his name,has been made to drive nautilus.very good amp,very good match with b&W NAUTİLUS.
Heard the Nemos last weekend at the NY hifi show hooked up to a pair of Talon Khoruses. The rest of the electronics were also Electrocompaniet.

I've heard the Talons before at length, and while the Nemos did deliver the quickness and dynamics these remarkable speakers are capable of, they seemed to artificially roll off the highs that with the Talons can be very extended and clear. I can't say for sure it was the Nemos doing this, as it could have been the source or preamp, but I've heard Electrocompaniet stuff does tend to sound a bit on the sweet side and that is what I heard--a bit too sweet for my liking. Also, I too read in Ultimate Audio that the Nemos were designed with the B&W Nautilus speakers in mind, and given their fussy metal tweeters I can see where they might be a good match, but not for the Khoruses in my opinion--it limits them.

That said, if you're into tubes or a more laid back kind of sound then you may be in for a treat. If you tend to look for a more neutral, detailed presentation I'd look elsewhere. Either way and especially at this price level you should go listen for yourself before making any decision. Hope this helped and best of luck.

Electrocompaniet are good amps if they are working but if something happens and you send it to the distributor you may never see it again. I have a 120 and I bought it last February (2000) - it broke - out for 8 months - came back - broke again - out to this day!
ljgj, sorry to hear your problems. i've not had this problem w/my electrocompaniet equipment. i've used heinz preiss, he's in florida, wery familiar w/electro stuff, & has good turn-around time. not that i've had major problems w/the stuff - i have four of their amps & a preamp. heinz has done upgrades for me; the only repair needed was on a used amp i bought, which blew a main capacitor shortly after i got it. i figure it prolly sat around for a while prior to my purchase, as i understand this is not uncommon to happen w/amps that sit. the same thing happened to an adcom amp i put away for a while & then brought out to use as a subwoofer amp... anyway, heinz can be found here:


good luck, doug s.

Hello! I think the service is OK now. New team that has taken over the company. They looks serious to me. I then think the service will be OK , too. It was before, too, but there has been a time for take over and so on...and all what follows that for some time!
ANy new NEMO owners? I'm considering these beautiful monsters for my JBL 250 Ti's.
I have a pair of NEMOs,great amps.I use them in a bi-amped mode for the low frequency of the German Physics Loreleys.A very difficult speaker to drive,they performed better than all the amplifiers I have tried,YBA passion 1000,Bryston 7bst,Innersound KW monos,Accostic Reality 1000 monos,and the realy poor performer Classe 350 Monos.I have not listened to them at full range.They ran cool and reliably.
My friend has the Nemos are there great amps.
Here's the thing i dont get.
There class A amps and when i put my hands on them, these amps didn't feel hot at all. How is that possible if these are class A amps?
Correction, I wrote My friend has the Nemos are there great amps.
I meant to say, My friend has the Nemos and they are great sounding amps. They sound very smooth and dont get hot at all. I'm just trying to figure out, how come the amps dont get hot, when their Class A amps.
I honestly don't believe EC's claims of Class A operation. I used a very nice EC integrated for a short while. For a supposed Class A amp section, it didn't run hot, and didn't have much in the way of heat sinks. Still a pretty decent sounding piece for what it was (or wasn't?).
Unsound, thats what i was thinking that the Nemo amps are not pure Class A. I'm using the Ayre V1 amp which is a Class A/AB amp. Its one of the best sounding solid state amps. But you put your hand on the V1 amp and its very hot.
Twilo...I too am using the Ayre V1xe. Your post about the amp getting hot is a puzzelment - you must be driving it pretty hard. My amp gets warm, but never hot.
Twilo your Ayre amplifier actually runs in Class A most of the time - thats why it gets so hot.
Read this review of the Ayre V1 amplifier from 99.
The Ayre Conditioner doesn’t cool the amp, which is a shame since it is biased to spend most its working time in class A.