Electrocompaniet is back... anyone are hearing their gears?

Greetigns to all music lovers out there.

Anyone is using the current Electrocompaniet gears?

There's not too much info around their current gears...

I appreciate very much user's thoughts about their power amp, preamp, phono stage:

Power amp: AW250 R STEREO 
Preamp: EC 4.8 Reference 
Phono stage: ECP 2

By the way, I think it was the first time that I read a review with a high doses of negativity about high end gears, the TAS review about the power amp and the preamp was not good..

If you had the opportunity to listen this gears, please share your thoughts, Electrocompaniet appears to be doing great designs, and the company have a long and respectable history, but no one is talking about their current gears..

I'm a little skeptical by the TAS review about the Electrocompaniet preamp / power amp combo, maybe it was bad because of a synergy mismatch with the loudspeakers used on the review process?

Thanks, best regards!

I have electrocompaniet  AW250 r with EC 4 .7 there are ten years
I remember the sound was warm and beautiful but the great disadvantage is not dynamic in all music
Now I have  the viola legacy class a with preamp solo mono  the sound is warm and quickly
Best regards
Thanks for your feedback sir
I have Nemo monoblocks with an EC4.8 preamp.  Awesome bass control, excellent detail with a wide and deep sound stage.