Electrocompaniet EW-75 question

I just got this aw75 to drive my Thiel 3.5'sI listen to rock/metal mostly.My room is 20x14x8I play it loud but still have decent headroom.I have not sent it into clipping or even a hint of strain.This combo does not play real loud to begin with.When I push it to its max but still below clipping the amp shuts down.No warning,no noise,nothing.It just turns off very politely.After 2 minutes the light in the power switch clicks back on and the red light comes back on and then all is well.This happens everytime I push it.I have the EC-75 owners manual and there is no mention of a thermal overload protectant circuit in the amp.Here's another grmlin...At times the right channell breaks up and will cut out.When this happens the amp shuts down.
I also would invite the gentleman who sold me this amp.He says he never had a problem with it,
I hope we can correct this problem working together.
DJ,please help us here.
Do you have skimpy speaker wire? Many years ago, on my first "system", I had this problem and solved it with a better guage of wire. (Granted, it was very skimpy wire!)
Forget that, I just checked "your system". Check the connections.
My old system is gone.what you see in my virtual system is long gone.I have a scd xe-670 on order. the sysem is a adcom gft-1a tuneraudcom remote control tube pre with telefunkens.it also has 6 high grade after market caps.The volume pot is analog.My wire is bad as I sold all my good stuff.I have a rat shack 'white' flimsy IC from the pre to the tuner.I have a .5m pbj from the pre to the bass eq.from the eq, I have a 3 feet of rat shack 'gold'to the ampThe speaker cables are 12gauge Rat Shack. Im wondering if the amp has a thermal overload circuit that would shut it down if one of the connectors were shorting out.I really dont drive so hard that it would shut it down.I havent clipped it once or even come close.....I can be banging along and beginto hear the right channel breaking up and the sometimes the amp shuts down and some times the right channel cuts out totally.The left thannel continues to play.Very confusing!
If spkr surrounds are deteriorated, the voice coils can short out, most amps don't care for this load!
Tripper-I take it you dont like Thiel?
Anyway..the surrounds are fine and the amp loves these speakers but she's sick.
Now Tripper,do you have some constructive advice?
To add to my problem I now have lost the RIGHT speaker mid driver.Its dead.It was new 2 years ago.What is going on here? I need help to figure this out.
Also,besides thiel where can I get a new or used mid driver? Thiel charges ~$150 for a new one.