Electrocompaniet EMC1 vs. Shanling T200 Lvl 1 Mod

I am considering these two players and would like advice from anyone who has heard both. I must admit the attraction to the Shanling is mostly appearance, however Chris Johnson of the Parts Connexion is offering an extensive modification to the player that is claimed to be nothing shy of fabulous. Any input greatly appreciated. Thank you.
No use, unless Shanling packing include change in the CD transport. EMC1UP is more famous in the CDT instead of DA section. As well, you cannot compare SACD with 24/192 coz different format.

EMC1UP transport gives very lively music, LP feel.......I have ever use it to beat cheap LP system Rega P2. Suppose it is not possible for CDP to kill TT set. EMC1UP did.
if you are absolutely determined to buy a top loading player,i would say the ec....if not, keep looking....
If you are headed for the SACD format in the future than the Shanling is your only choice between these two. Do not get the Shanling without the upgrades. I own the EMC 1 up and the Shanling 100 - the Shanling looks great and sounds good. The EMC looks good and sounds great. I bought a Chord DAC 64 and now they both sound better as transports than stand alones. The Shanling 200 doesn't always read the SACD disc on its first try. A friend has one. It does sound very good on REDbooks with the upgrades but doesn't decode HDCD. The 100 with the upgrades would be more versatile in the redbook area. Another friend has the Musical Fidelity Tri-or NU -Vista SACD. It seems to be extremely good but still in break-in.
Thank you for all the input. I should have clarified this will primarily be for REDBOOK CD's as I own several hundreds of them and no SACDs. I do not plan on repurchasing old cd's on SACD format either. Just looking for the best redbook cd player at this time. I suppose I should ask between these three... I am leaning in this order

1. Electrocompaniet EMC1UP 24/192
2. Shanling T-200 w/ Level 1 Modification
3. Shanling T-100 w/ Level 1 Modification

Anyone that has both units, could you perhaps expand on your perceived differences between the EMC and whichever shanling you have, as well as if it is modified or not? Sincere thanks.

The early 200s apparently have a microprocessor flaw which Music Hall will repair if your friend will contact them.
Just by coincidence I've recently purchased a Shanling T-200 fully modded. I returned to at great loss $$ and purchased a Electrocompaniet EMC-1UP. I'll tell you the Shanling sounded great but the overall quality is no where close to the EMC-1UP. Disk reads on the Shanling are slow. My first unit was replaced because it was defective and would not read many of my SACD's. It is beautiful but I don't think the overall quality is there. I'm still burning in my EMC-1UP but so far am impressed with the quality and sound. Very analog like sound, not harsh at all. Open soundstage and very solid low end. I would highly recommend it.