Electrocompaniet EMC1 Vs ECD1 DAC+Transport


I'm considering upgrading my source.At present i'm using a Linn Genki CDP .The transport used by the Genki is supposed to be the same as used in the EMC1(Phillips CDM 12 PRO).

If i buy the ECD1 DAC & use the Linn as transport how close will it be to the EMC1's performance.Will i be missing much.The price difference will also be around $3000.Would the Linn Genki be a good transport to match with the ECD1.

Has anyone compared the EMC1 Vs ECD1+transport.Also do i have to worry about jitter or does the ECD1 have someting to correct jitter problems.

I shall very much like to know your suggestions.

A few months ago an Electrocompaniet dealer told me that the dac sounded better than the player. He said the player used as a transport was feeding the dac and that it sounded better than the stand alone player. I would save the money and use your current player with the ECD-1 dac.
Actually the damping factor in a stand alone player is also an important factor in preventing vibration control. The transport I am sure is lighter than the EMC1 itself (55 lbs). I own an EMC1 UP and just added to the player Cromolin vibration control, which is amazingly improving the sound with more detail and dynamic. However, some dealers also told me the EMC1's DAC has the same features as the external DAC. I am about to add some ERS (which cancels out the EFI and/or RFI affect to the CDP) and will see how does this improve the sound. Good luck.
If you remove the covers from an EMC-1 you'll see that the 18 lb transport section is a VERY important heart of this player, and I believe VERY much integral to its analogue-like non-glarey sound. Its dynamism and extension is improved with the newer DAC board and especially the faster diodes, sure, but the musicality and coherence is provided by the extremely clean, low-jitter source, which is every bit equal (no pun) to the stand-alone $2k DAC. I've NEVER heard that the Ikemi shares the same transport. If you look at them together I doubt that you'd find that to be true. The EMC-1 weighs 45 lbs!