Electrocompaniet EMC1 MkIII

Anyone have experience with thier new Limited Edition CD/SACD player? What are the general impressions? In what ways is it sonically "better" than the EMC 1UP?  At times I found the bass on the older unit a bit soft, any changes in this regard? Finally, what interconnects are people using/ how cable sensitive is it?


I am interested in this player as well. I have an extensive collection of CD/SACD discs to boot.  Keep me posted & Happy Listening!

Anyone else using any Electrocompaniet CD/SACD spinner?


We are a dealer for this player and yes it is better than the older models. The sound is more open, with an overall cleaner midrange and an improved sound stage. 

Where are you located audiotroy?

What power cord and interconnects do you find works well with the new player?  I have the player now and find it is very transparent.  Have been trying a number of cables with differing results.  I find the SACD portion of the player to be the best digital I've heard from any digital source.  Incredible soundstage, tone and pace; really very stunning.  The red book CD playback has been a journey and I'm trying to find the best cable combo for this spinner because greatness lurks around the corner, I think.  

I work part time for Audio Doctor in Jersey City., pretty amazing shop.

Huge collection of high end brands with an extremely knowledgeable shop owner. 

As per cabling, it depends on price. We sell the Wireworld cables which bested the Nordost, Wireworlds are very transparent without any brightness,  we also sell Enklein cables whose power cords are amazing, also their interconnects are really good.

 Have you tried power conditioning and vibration isolation, the Audio Magic conditioners are really fantastic. We have a number in the shop it all depends on synergy.

With the right combination of power cords the player is really amazing and is quite a bargain for how good it sounds. Sorry to not be more specific we would have to know more before recommending which cables etc to use.

I have always wanted to demo EnKlein cabling.
I will 2nd- Wireworld cable systems. I really like the Electra 7  power cord (PC). I use their HDMI and it is the best in the market!
After an update on the player after about 500 hours of burn in. Absolutely the best SACD and Redbook playback I have ever heard in any system. It is taking a long time to burn in and the process has been challenging but the soundstage and tonal color of this player is amazing. The imaging is awesome as well. As the tone color gets better so does the image density. What initially was a transparent whitish sound has transformed into a deep colorful soundscape that really is impressive. This player is way under priced. I have an esoteric K-01 and it doesn't come close to the electrocompaniet.  I found it to work best with Shunyata cabling.  Very highly recommended at this point in the process. I will update again at 1000 hours. 


what other gear is in your system?  Happy Listening!
Thank You- Sherpa.
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