Electrocompaniet EMC-l or Meridial 508-2

What is the best CD player for Redbook cd's between the Meridian 508.24 and the Electrocompaniet EMC-l?
Currently, I'd have to say the Electrocompaniet. But wait until the revised model is available. It offers upsampling that is incredible and puts it in a league of its own. Highly recommended!
I've heard both players side-by-side and the EMC-1 gets my vote. The makers of Meridian approaches sound in a very clinical way (digital) whereas, the EMC-1 is so analog sounding (music separation is good, super mids, and very musical).
I'd just like to add as a helpful tip that the prior models will accept the new upsampling upgrade. Considering the prices I've seen on these units here on Audiogon, you could have youself one hell of a player for little money compared to what you'd have to spend to get better.
Good luck!
I don't think that Meridian 508.24 is even close.Anybody have an idea when that upsampling upgrade will be available for the EMC-1.
prefer the electrocompaniet but listen to the cary 303 and the resolution audio 55 as well. Fantastic players all of them