Electrocompaniet EMC-1up vs Primare cd35 (OLD vs NEW)

Did anyone have the opportunity to hear both of CD players and if so which one do you think it is better(and why)?
Hard call the  CD drive mechanism on the Electro is really top of the line think it is the legendary CDM 9 Pro drive from Philips coupled to a very serious floating CD sub assembly.

So for pure CD playback the Electro should be better, the Primare is a multi function piece which allows streaming.

So it depends if pure CD playback is more important then the more advanced feature set of the Primare

The Electro's are generally being sold used for $3k vs ? for the Primare so you then need to figure out which do you like better and for what  purpose if streaming is going to be important Primare, if straight CD playback then the Electro needs to be considered.

Dave and Troy
Audio Doctor NJ
Thanks for the answer...Inside the EMC-1up is Philips CDM-PRO 2 transport and as I heard it should be great and 'built to last forever'. That transport is probably better than Primare's  TEAC CD 5020A-AT,  but I'm wondering if the SABRE ES9028PRO dac(in Primare) is better sounding than the Electro dac? 
And yes, I am interesting in pure cd playback...

I owned the  Electrocompaniet EMC-1up many years back and it was a very good sounding player...but,for me...it was much to dark sounding and overly smooth to the point of glossing over important musical details in the music.  Never heard the  Primare.
Thx for your informations :-)