Electrocompaniet EMC 1UP vs.LInn Ikemi vs.DAC 64

Has anyone compared the Chord DAC64(with a good transport) with the Linn Ikemi and with the Electrocompaniet EMC1-UP?
I´d appreciate your opinions.
I've owned the Ikemi and a DAC 64. No experience with the EC gear. The Ikemi is a wonderful player, but the DAC 64 was clearly superior in my listening tests. I therefore replaced my Ikemi with the DAC 64. I used it with a Sony XA-777ES for a transport. In comparison to the Ikemi, I found the DAC64 to be somewhat warmer, but it was also capable of resolving a bit more detail, particularly in the midrange.
I have the EMC I used as a transport with the Chord DAC 64. It produces as good as I have ever heard with redbook CD's. The Chord is great. Beats my Kora which I think is very good. I have not heard the Linn but do have a friend with a modded EMC. It beats that to me and him. He is buying a Chord.
Thsalmon, how is the Chord DAC 64 in comparison with your Sony XA 777 by itself (no DAC)? I'm considering upgrading from the MF A324, which does not seem to be a big improvement over the XA777 on CDs.
I have an Ikemi and think it sounds great, but still can't shake the upgrade bug. The EMC is out 'cause it won't fit in my rack,and I'm not sure it would be much of an upgrade anyway. What about the ARC CD3, or using the Chord with the Ikemi as a transport? Then again, the combined cost of both units puts me in the neighborhood of a used AA Capitole, though I don't like the idea of hard wired tubes. This hobby can make you nuts.
I've had a LINN IKEMI. This players sounds very good. Middle and highs are very accurate. Bottom is tight.

Now I have an EMC 1 UP (24/192). It is far more better than the IKEMI (to my ears...). Soundstage is wide and accurate. Music simply flows, freely: you don't ask yourself whether its true, good, accurate or whatever.
I ve been looking for a long time for such CD player sounding like a "turntable", with details but without any fatigue, hours after hours. Now I have it and get back to listen to it....