Electrocompaniet EMC 1-UP pre-amp

Has anyone had experience with this pre-amp and any other components (CD, SACD, DAC) from this Norwegian company? They styling and build quality are reported to be first rate. How does this pre-amp sound? Thanks!
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EMC-1UP is a cd player and it is a great sounding one at that.
I have the EC-3 which is a balanced dual mono pre-amp with a great moving coil phono section. For years I used this with an Electrocompaniet Ampliwire 75 watt (into 8 ohms) amp to drive my Magnepans. I will be selling this combination soon but if you have any questions I would be glad to answer them. Electrocompaniet makes high quality gear. If you live in the Seattle area feel free to come by for a listen.
I owned the EMC-1UP for about 3 years. Like the above post it is an outstanding sounding CDP. It was also built like a tank. Highly recommended.
several listening sessions at a friends house concluded that the EMC-1UP CD player is a bit subdued on top, liquid in the mids with terrific bass

very nice
Thank you to everyone for the their feedback. I mixed up the model numbers as I was trying to type this while also taking calls for work (on a Monday no less...). I have seen a number of references to the high-quality sound produced by the CDP (most people refer to the use of the spider clamp as well). I am very curious about the sound characteristics of the EC 4.7, 4.8 and 4.9 pre-amps. If anyone has experience with these I'd like to hear about it...thanks!
The ECM 1up is wonderful sounding, and has proved very reliable and as earlier stated in this thread accurately, a little rolled off on top with great mid range and solid bass.
The two going on Audiogon for under 2k are an absolute bargain.
Moving to SACD would be the only reason to change and that would be a big cash outlay for a top unit as I'm not willing to giveup what this cd player gives me.
I see that this company also makes an SACD player...I wonder how it sounds? When you say the EMC-1UP is a little rolled off on top, is it very noticeable or is it more subtle?
Hi Zephyr,
I would say the rolloff is very subtle.I found it only after hearing an Esoteric P05/D05,in the same system. The EMC 1up possessed a strong mid bass and lower that was absolutely first rate.
I haven't heard the Electro SACD but love the Esoteric when I listened, and really like the mediam
I only noticed the subdued high end after comparing the 1UP to my Muse CD player. They sounded very similar except the Muse was a bit aggressive on top in comparison, which I always felt to be the case before the comparison.
Thank you both for your comments and observations!