Electrocompaniet EMC-1 support options?

Have just set up my new EMC-1 MkII on my now-undersized Neuance, and am unsure this now-awkward-looking (esp to my wife) balancing act is improved over the 3-point stock feet.
Do any of you EMC-1 owners believe that various shelves, footer, etc. iso/absorption devices have positively affected
this incredible player's presentation?
If the Neuance is still a go I'd suspect a larger Beta model (50 lbs) would outperform my older 25lb Neuance IV, but at least it's holding up ok!
EC goes to somw length to isolate the 18 lb transport module in this 44 lb player, claiming it's carefully voiced for the stock mechanical geometry. I'm not attracted to roller-blocks nor pace-robbing air suspension systems, especially with this 20 kilo rig, but wonder if other rigid means have proved beneficial.
Thanks for your help. Ernie
Subaru- A good friend of mine has the larger Neuance board under his EMC-1 and it has proved a worthwhile upgrade over other platform types. He is using the Neuance in conjunction with the Mana support units. From what I've heard, it's a great combination. Just my .02
Hi Subaruguru, I believe Jcbtubes is referring to my setup. Before I tried the Neuance I had used glass, maple, granite, marble, MDF, spikes, cones, sandbox, and all kinds of footers under my EMC-1. All of these would change the sound but I was never completely satisfied. Then I tried the Mana shelf with the Neuance Beta board with the EMC-1 feet on the Beta board. If you think the EMC-1 is good now, wait till you hear it on the Neuance. I believe Ken of Neuance can help you decide on a rack for the Beta. IMO the Neuance Beta is a must for the EMC-1.

If looking for an inexpensive fix while exploring other options, try a set of BDR round things and cones. I had tremendous success on my EMC-1 with the "#3"s although the #4s worked.

Remove the stock feet and place the round things against the underside of the EMC-1 (cones down). Placement of the BDRs proved critical with my greatest success placing the BDRs about 1-2 inches inside (toward center) of the stock feet. You can pick these up here on Audiogon reasonably cheap, and resell when you find something better.

Good luck.