Electrocompaniet EMC-1 MkII arrives soon

Yikes! Saw a new EMC-1 with MkII 24bit/192kHz over/upsampling DAC from a Danish reseller on eBay last week, and I'll be damned if it isn't arriving here in a week or so! Here I was thinking I'd demo the ARCAM FMJ, the Genki, Wadia 850, having decided the EMC-1 was too big for my rack/cabinet. Well at $2200 I couldn't refuse. I've since learned that EC will be formally shipping the Mk II labelled units in September, but have been recently shipping
EMC-1's with the new 24/192 DAC installed, and that's what I'm getting. Apparently the MkII will have a somewhat higher list price, but I'm told will only differ by the upgradable DAC card, which is available as a retrofit at what, $500-$1500?? Hope this is all true.
But fearing that this is perhaps TOO good to be true, I'm worried that the new DAC won't sound as good as the older
(saw some threads on AA about older 16 bit machines still being best on Redbook--indeed I still prefer my old modded Rotel 855 over ARCAM 9 or BelCanto DAC1), and that somehow
a late-production-EMC1-with-new-DAC would be not the same as the upcoming MkII, and hence be impossible to sell if it somehow doesn't syergize my system.
I've heard you good guys describe the EMC-1 as detailed yet
forgiving, with good bass slam, but having a somewhat forward midrange, but never less than utterly musical and analogue-like. The Dane describes the DAC upgrade as providing better imaging and fuller female voices, with an even quieter background....
My ICs consist only of RCA Nordost Red Dawn and Harm Tech P-silway II (indistinguishable now!), and my Neuance IV is too small for this gargantuan CDP...plus it arrives without a North American power cord.
I'd appreciate any and all cogent comments on the EMC-1's sound (esp if you've purchased the 24/192 DAC!), whether I should let it sit alone or buy a bigger Neuance (I love what this shelf did for the Rotel), and perhaps a power cord suggestion (although I'm still apt to grab a cheapy just to get started). EC recommends 72 hrs burn; users have said 200+ hrs. I'll be going on vacation just after it arrives (bummer!). Should I just let it repeat a disc for a month while away?...although thunderstorm risk may make that foolhardy, eh?
Not having bought a kilobuck+ CDP before, I want to optimize my chances of finally falling in love. Thanks, guys n' Elizabeth, and have a Happy Fourth! Ernie (with heart going pitter-patter)
PS. Did that EMC-1-bashing/Meridianophile multi-aliased imposter finally go away? Fortunately he only shook my confidence temporarily, as you guys were quick to flesh him and his egregious agenda out! Merci encore.
Ernie: Give one of the $50 Absolute PC's a try. It should keep you happy for the meantime which will give you plenty of time to do your research.
Hi Ernie, since you've already tried a Harmonic Tech interconnect, buy one of the AC-11 powercords for approx $100. I'm using that on my EMC-1 and LOVE it! My EMC-1 is so pleasing as is that I don't think I will invest in the
DAC upgrade, in case the beautiful analog sound becomes digitized by the 192 upsampling. Would the unit you're buying be able to have the new DAC card removed and the unit returned to EMC-1 status? If so, you have nothing to lose in trying the new DAC. The EMC-1 is my favorite CD player by far, and I have tried several against it, including a 3-piece Meridian setup, the Marantz SA-1 SACD player, and the New Tjoeb $579 tube CD player.
You will love it, I am sure.
Dekay: Where do I find the Absolute? Is it very flexible?It's new to me. Thanks.
Sc53: Thought about the HT IC and PC, but won't have the rear clearance to use either. May have to use my ultra-flexible Red Dawn, and a soft PC as well....
The upgrade DAC card is indeed a superquick drop-in, and is thus instantly reversible....
Read somewhere that EC will provide THREE versions of the EMC-1 soon: Mk II with 24/192, around $4500; DVD-A and SACD
versions at $5500-6500!
I'll have to top-shelf the EMC, probably atop a Neuance, too. Is the EMC easily loaded blind?...or will I have to get a stepstool for my short spouse? (Can't tell WHAT her current quasi-grin portends! WAF, WAF, WAF---can I rig up a switch extinguishing that blue display, too?)
Hi Ernie: Search Absolute on the first page and it will bring up the ad and the dealer. The PC's were part of a big hullabaloo a while back because of some suspected schills in the threads about them, but the units themselves sound great. I use two BMI Whales and an Absolute in the living room setup and all Absolutes in the spare room system (including the CDR). They are not as good as the BMI's (which are a big step up in my system), but they do sound better to me than the other $200 and under PC's that I have used in the past, on anything that I have tried them on so far (source, amp, tubes and SS). The PC will need 2.5" to make the right angle bend (if you can spare the extra half inch, I just measured it:-) and the sound is smooth, yet open. Maybe I will get a little backup on this as many people are now using them.