Electrocompaniet EMC-1 Mk.II news

The new upsampling version of the Electrocompaniet CDP,
was reviewed in the last issue (no 57)of the Norwegian
magazine Audio(sorry, you have to understand Norwegian
to read that).
Here is a very short summary of the review:it is significally more dynamic than the old model,slightly better tonally balanced.
The reviewer says he noticed a hint of harmonic distortion in the lower treble.Bass reproduction is reported as superb.
It´s presentation is percepted as very rythmic and even very engaging.The designer has appearently made priority to these properties,in some degree on behalf of finesse or refinement
Due to the lively or even "vild" presentation, it may not suit well into every system, the reviewer says.

But the CDP is favorably compered to the much more expencive,(again in Norway)Muse Thalia(CD/DVD)and Krell KPS 25!

I also noticed, that the Dac from the new player will be sold separately, at a price somewhere between 5000 and 10000 Nokr, that will translate into approx. $ 500-1000 ;and
of course, the price in the US will be higher.

I think I will check that Dac out, together with the new(!)
Sony SCD-777-ES player, I just have ordered.Perhapes a very
nice combination,and in addition; it will not ruin me!

Thank you for your courtesy and work in sharing this review -- I don't speak Norwegian and appreciate seeing other perspectives. Bravo! -- Assuming of course you are not a dealer of this equipment ;-)
Reading Enlish,German,Danish,Norwegian, that what I´m used to.But wrighting the above posting,that´s a part of a
greater project; to be able to wright in foreign languages,
without too much effort.But with dayly exercises.....

If I was a dealer........I should give myself a generous
discount.BTW, maybe I ought to start a new thread;" If I was a dealer, then I should...."(Music of course from
Fiddler on the roof)

Greetings from Sweden
Darn it Hakan, now I've got that song in my head. Cheers.
I purchased an EMC-1 with the 24/192 upgrade about 2 weeks ago and all I can say is, it's astonishing! This is the best CD player I've ever heard. The last three players I've owned are Krell KPS28, Wadia 860 and Marantz SA-1. Of the three, the Marantz was the best. Between the Marantz and the EMC-1... It's a toss up but I'd give the edge to the EMC-1. I found the Marantz a little bit harsh at times. The EMC-1 is never as harsh and always as detailed. Kind of a sweet yet lively. It's a unique EC sound quality that has to be heard to be believed.

Two thumbs up!