COMMENTS on this player.it retails for $4000,I'AM told it's very analog sounding.
if you think you have a great cd setup.. but want that final tweak... then look up soundstage's review of the Ortho Spectrum AR2000 (Analogue reconstructor)... it will be online 5/1/00. www.soundstage.com
I have owned a EMC player for about three months now and it is really a great player. It has replaced the Sony SACD 777ES and has all but retired my Krell 30i wjhich I felt was the best until now. It easily beats both and certailny brings a great musical non-fatigue sound to anyone who is a great music lover and would like to forget about what equipment is being used . I have since added a Electrocompaniet 120 amp to the setup and that even improved things. I sold my Levinson 331 and have not looked back. Check it out.