Electrocompaniet EMC-1 24/192...Where to from here

I am looking to hear from previous owners/users of this CDP only.

I currently have this CDP and am still very happy with it. I was actually considering upgrading/modding it, until Electro recently closed the doors. Though it is a great player, I can't see putting money into a machine that cannot be backed 100% with support & parts, by the original manufacturer.

Looking to keep a one box CDP, what have you previous owners of the EMC-1 moved on to?

Please tell me what you switched to, why you switched and changes/improvements that you noticed in comparrison to the Electro CDP.

Hi Michael, I wish I had some useful info for you, but my switch from the EMC-1UP to my Classe Delta CP-100 was due to purchasing all Classe gear at once rather than simply changing CDP's.

Anyway, the Classe CDP was basically new when I received it, maybe 4-5 hours on it, but here is what I noted between the two players at the time.

The EMC-1UP was more open but the Classe imaged better and seemed to have a better focus on things.

I am sure you will get numerous suggestions but I suspect many would like to know what your budget is for the new CDP?
I would do a search but it does not appear that they have closed their doors. As I understand it they have been reorganized and bought by someone with substantial resources so that you may not need to sell after all. This is always your least expensive option. Hope I am not giving you incorrect information but this is what I had heard talking to one distributor of gear. Good luck

Barrelchief, I owned an unmodified EMC 1-UP SE, which I later had modified. I would suggest leaving the player unmodified and buying a different player if you wish for better performance. I went to the APL Denon3910.

E-mail me if you have any questions.
Hi Barrelchief,

I think at this point the differences are subtle. I had a emc-1 and it was an excellent performer. I wouldn't worry about it. I bought a modified exemplar dvd player. The reason was due to simplifying, and also i needed video.
Check out electrocompaniets web site...there is a press release...the company is under new ownership and already has new products in the works...no problems with repairs either as it reads.
I owned an EMC-1UP for about two years and really enjoyed it and it worked perfectly. I had some extra funds and since my system only had one source I decided to sell my VK50SE preamp and EMC and try the direct route. I purchased the Audio Aero Capitol 2 and could not be happier. The sound is much more liquid, very analog sounding which is what I was looking for. I think the Capitol is a much better sounding player in my system, but it also costs more. I also had the Wadia 861 in the system as well and although the Wadia was good---great detail, I thought once again the capitol had a more analog sound and a much better sound stage.
I had a EMC 1up-se for a short while and did like it.
I thought about doing some modding but decided even though someone else picked up the company its not the same and didn't want to take the chance.
I decided to go with the Naim CDX2 which doesn't need modding to sound better.I'm happy.
Nearly 2 years have passed and I'm getting ready to bite the bullet on a cdp upgrade.

One feature that has entered the equation since my original posting of this thread is having a cdp that has digital inputs.

This brings me to the Cary 306 SACD.

Has anyone heard both the EMC-1 and the 306 SACD? If so, how do they stack up against each other for redbook cd's?...how are they similar & how do they differ?


What exactly has you looking to move away from the EMC? I've had the same player for about three years now and have been toying with mods or a new player although I am generally very happy with the sound.

And the Cary 306 is one of the units I would consider because it has the digital inputs.

As you can see by how quickly I replaced the EMC-1, I too really enjoy it.

Because of system changes, if I am going to make a change, the digital input is a must for me.

Other than that (and not that the Electro is a slouch by any strech of the imagination) improvments w/PRAT, timbre, etc are always welcome.

I am looking to keep that rich musical sound that I have grown accustommed to. Hyper-detailed analaytical sound is not my thing.

For me, it seems to be coming down to the Cary 306 and the Audio Aero Capitole.

I was hoping to hear from anyone who has experience with the Electro and the Cary (or the Capitole.)