Electrocompaniet EMC-1

Any thoughts or comments on this cd player?
Get one. It is solid as they come and sonically as good as anything more expensive. Down side is no HDCD but the transport can be sent to another DAC in a variety of outlets including XLR digital. Looks great , too.
the emc-1 is, indeed, a very good cdp at its pricepoint. to say that it is "as good as anything more expensive," however, is a useless and likely ignorant exaggeration.
A very good to excellent cdp at it's price IMO.
I listened to this player and found it to sound very nice. During the demo that i heard it in, it absolutely beat up on the Sony SCD-1 playing standard "redbook" CD's. Sean
Hi Daniel, I find the EMC-1 hard to fault. I was comparing the EMC-1 against the Goldmund 39 at twice the price and the Gryphon CD player at around $6500. I preferred the Goldmund's transparency but it has nothing on the EMC-1s musicality or tonality. I am sure there are better players but at what price? Put one in your system and I bet you won't be thinking about updating your digital for sometime.
Hey folks, I thank you all for your input to my delima. I think there are alot of hype and marketing innuendo to find anything credible above and beyond what some of our trade mags tell us (not all). I agree with rosebud, although this is a one great CDP, there are and will be something always better. However, from what I hear, this player is an overall winner but I'll let my auditory apparatus be the judge of that, or even better, I'll let my wife be the judge of that.
I have a EMC-1 and have found that although it is a nice piece of equipment, I beleive YBA matches my Pass Aleph 2's better. Sometimes I find the EMC-1 a bit bright. As crazy as that sounds, it's my opinion. I did however find that removing the feet and putting some Black diamond cones did help imaging quite a bit.
Hi Briweve, that doesn't sound crazy to me. Depending on what the EMC-1 is sitting on (see isolation vs absorbtion thread) and what feet you are using under the EMC-1 can change the sound of this player dramatically. I have been able to make this player sound bright and hard to soft and uninvolving depending on what the player is sitting on and what feet I am using. Experiment and have fun.
How do you guys compare the EMC-1 to the ML No.39 or 37/360S combo???
A very good CDP according to all reviews, however for $4000
new I would try one of the many excellent $1-2000 outboard DACs first with your existing player used as a transport.
Offers a flexible appraoch to future upgrades as well.
Thanks for the tip, I had my EMC-1 on a glass table, not the best but I never thought it change the sound that dramaticlly. Does anyone know how the EMC-1 is tuned, my YBA dealer says that YBA CD played are tuned or twicked to placed on a wood surface?