Electrocompaniet ECI-5 MkII click/noise in speakers when turning on/off

I recently purchased an Electrocompaniet ECI-5 MkII integrated amplifier. When turning it on, after the relay is activated I hear a short clicking and/or noise in the speakers (B&W 805 D3). A similar noise/click occurs when turning off the amplifier. The behavior is independent on which source is selected, volume settings and power supply phase of the amp.

Did anybody experience anything like this with Electrocompaniet amplifiers?

Best regards, Johnny
Thanks for your answer.

I think the click/crack/noise artefact occurs because the EC amplifier is a fully DC coupled amplifier and once the input relay is activated a potential DC offset on the input stage is coupled unto the speaker terminals. This is a consequence of the amplifier topology, I guess, it just doesn't sound that good. I'm just a little worried that this harmful to the speakers? However, I can then use the mute feature you mention.

I don't own this amp, but I'd found this info on their website:
ECI-5 MK II also has a new and improved overload detection system that allows us to remove the output relay. Hence the output stage is connected directly to the speaker with no relay controls in the signal path deteriorates over time.

I think its normal you hear noise from the speakers when you turn on/off the amp by using the main switch.

The owners manual also recommend leave the amp on all the time and using the MUTE button on the remote to turn off (stand by)
In daily operation, switch off the ECI 5 MKII by using the MUTE button on the remote control