Electrocompaniet ECI 3 vs. McIntosh MA-2275

Last week I asked for advice regarding the coupling of my Triangle Celius speakers with a new integrated amplifier. I was recommended to get a McIntosh MA-2275. A friend of mine recently recommended that I look into the Electrocompaniet ECI 3 or ECI 5. What do you think? Which one would you recommend? More broadly, in the $3K to $6K price range is there any other integrated you would recomment? Thanks.
Haven't heard the Mac so I can't comment on it. I own the ECI-3 and it's nice for jazz & accoustic music...a very smooth amplifier. Nice fleshed out midrange but not overly extended in the highs. It really didn't fit my tastes however so my B-60 is back in the system and the ECI-3 is on a shelf (until I get off my a** and sell it)...it sure does look nice however in an "industrial art" sort of way.

The ECI-3 is worth $800+/- in the used market so they are a good bargain and from what I have read here, the company is alive and well or so to speak.

I'd still check out the MA-2275 however.

Just my 2c...YMMV
Both are nice integrateds (I have owned the ECI-3) on the laid back side of Solid State but I would suggest looking for a Tube Integrated Amp like the McIntosh, Cary, or VAC..

Triangle Speakers Like Tubes...

Good Luck,

as much as a love ec...the mac is the keeper here.
Thanks for the suggestions. So, between the two i'll definitely go with the Mac. I am also looking into the Musiklab...not very popular in the US, but the reviews look terrific. And they are designing their first integrated.