Electrocompaniet class D ?

The Electrocompaniet AW400 power amp , there is nothing in the specs or reveiwes about class D or digital output , the amp discription calls it push pull solid state , when I saw pictures of its internals there was no visable transformer just a whole lot of caps . A 400w class AB amps power supply should be clearly visible . If anyone can shine some light on this it would be much appreciated .
"class AB amps power supply should be clearly visible "

There is no such thing as class A power supply or class B power supply.

I don;t know, of course what there but if there is no visible transformer then this amp may have high quality switching power supplies. Call them and ask.

The simplest - just listen to the amp - if you like it then buy it and enjoy it
Aw400 monos are quite tall. It is possible that they are a two-tier design, with transformer hidden in the lower compartment. I have never heard of EC using SMPS (switch mode power supply) or switching output stage.
The pictures I saw did not look like a multi layer design . Unfortunatly try before you buy , won't be possible in this case , ya I know what your thinking . MAX
10s search with google:

1) on this image you can clearly see a two-tier design:


2) no class-d design draws 230W at idle


Case closed.
Thanks Elberoyh2 for your input . Now has anyone heard these unit 's ? Unfortunatly I will not be able to hear them before there purchased . Making it a very difficult choice . Reviews alone are not enough . Leyinson 's 53 's do draw 180w each at idle , not that they will admit there class D . But they were nice enough to send me a 4 page white paper on how the new power supply works . I heard a joke that I 'm pretty sure most of you have already heard . How many audiophiles will it take to install a light bulb , 4 , one to screw it in and three to debate if the first one was better . Have a great musical day . MAX
As Elberoth2 said the power transformers are hidden in the amplifier bottom behind a cover. They use large but slim toroidal power transformers. I hosted the AW180s (the little brothers of the AW400) for some time and they are wonderful amplifiers. Choice will depend mainly on system and taste.