Electrocompaniet AW60 or Blue Circle BC 22

I'm considering buying one of these amps and would greatly appreciate your experience with either.I've had a chance to listen to the EC AW60 and liked it very much.The Blue Circle seems most interesting.I've read reviews but have never heard the BC 22.I'm leaning towards the more powerfull BC 22 as it fits my buget and I hear nothing but good things about Blue circle gear.Please limit your comments to these two units as I have listened to all the usual suspects in this price range and have narrowed my choices.
Mar00, please listen to the BC 22 before you decide to make your purchase. Audio is such a subjective hobby. Unfortunately not all ears are created equal. What may please others ears may not please yours. Ultimately your ears are the only ones that count. Both are good amps. Best of luck to you.
I looked at the Electro pre vs the Blue circle and chose the Electro, but the break-in is ungodly long.
i recently purchased a pair of aw60ftt's to run bridged-mono in my system. haven't got 'em hooked-up yet - i have to conwert 'em from 220v to 120v. but, they will be replacing an aw100 & aw75 i currently use in bi-amped mode. i tink electro s/s amps are *great*, i won't switch brands unless/until i can afford the purchase/care/feeding of some mondo tube-amp monsters like the melos mat1000 mono-blocs. the aw100 is f/s btw... ;~)

while i have read good things about blue circle, i have no 1st-hand experience...

regards, doug

I have owned a BC22 now for approximatly 7 months and I have been very pleased with it to say the least. Its key characteristics are a beautiful full midrange, absence of any harshness, extended lively top-end and just plain involving. Not long ago, I took the BC22 into a dealer that sold Marsh gear and listened to it side by side with an A400. First of all, the reason I decided to make the comparison is because the speakers I recently purchased do require some power to come to life and I thought a higher powered musical amp was perhaps in order. So, here's the deal - the Marsh sounded a bit cleaner and cooler with an absence of life and energy in the midrange that I am so used to with the Blue Circle. I had high hopes for the Marsh because of all the wonderful things I have read about the A400 in particular. But the magic was missing, the involvement just seemed like it had become distant with the Marsh. The level of musical feeling and passion that the BC22 shines at was so more apparent now next to the A400. Now I was sure which amp would be going home with me back to its place, definitely the Blue Circle. The Marsh did have more bottom end and a bit more drive, but that was it. Just not much involvement there, thats all it lacked. Obviously, there are many different tastes in this hobby, it just so happens I prefered the flavor of the Blue Circle and I think you may as well.