Electrocompaniet A100

Hi, does anyone know something about this poweramp? It got a beautiful black anodized facia with "Ampliwire A100.." printed gold lettering. I believe it is already a classic, cos the AW series all got acrylic facia. Couldn't find any info from the Electrocompaniet literature website either. Appreciate any kind of info, technical specs or others. Thanks, Phil.
iceraven, contact heinz preiss, a usa certified electro technician:


shameless plug: if yure interested, i have an aw100 listed f/s on audiogon - it's got the anodized facia, but the lettering "ampliwire 100" is red, not gold. "electrocompaniet" lettering is in white. class-a, 100 wpc, 190 into 4 ohms, stable into loads <1 ohm. the only reason it's up for sale is it's not bridgeable, & i want a bridgeable version to match w/my aw75 (which has the gold lettering...)

regards, doug

Hi Doug, Thanks for your leads & tech info, but maybe not possible to check out your kind offer cos i don't live in USA! Singapore it is. regards, Phil.

if i could find an aw75dmb in singapore, i'd be happy to buy it! ;~) electro stuff seems to be more popular in europe & asia than the usa, so ewe should be able to find one if yer really innerested. i like electro stuff a lot...

regards, doug