Electro-Voice Ev-6

I am thinking about buying a pair of Electro-Voice ev-6 mint condition 1964 speakers. I didn't seem them in the Bluebook and I know they are very rare.

I am just getting into the audiophile thing.

Can anyone give a guesstimate on what something like that should cost?
They might look cool but, many newer bookshelf speakers will sound better. No highs above 12-15khz and not much speed-IN MY OPINION.
A pair in nice condition sold recently for $790 on eBay, item no. 380156911074. The listing includes lots of nice photos.

A 1991 Orion bluebook I have indicates that they originally cost $666, and were sold from 1964 to 1968. That bluebook indicates a 1991 value of $64, but their values for 1950's and 1960's vintage equipment are in many cases ridiculously low.

Hope that helps,
-- Al
It would be nice to find out how efficient they are.They might
work with flea powered triode amps?Factory add link.>>>>>