Electro-Voice E-V SIX

Anyone ever heard these?




note: "guaranteed indefinitely"

18" Woofers, 1/2" thick foam cone (never knew they existed, life expectancy?)

the listening position diagram is interesting

and, for under carpet wires: use 300 ohm TV twin lead

also, the description of using the balance control (attenuate the two horns) to match the room which finishes with:

"the setting ... most pleasing to the listener is correct"

In my youth, I might have been tempted to make new enclosures for the drivers.
Styrene foam was used for a while in some drivers, around that time period..... as the new thing. as in, light, stiff.

Some British drivers were also done that way, IIRC...right around the time of the switch from alnico to permanent ferrite magnets.
Buy a pair of these, to use as subwoofers (no connection to seller):  (https://www.ebay.com/itm/6-Electrovoice-30W-sub-woofer-speakers-for-tube-amplifier-audio-western-ele...)   Same cone material as their 18".     EV probably still offers OEM reconing kits, as the 30W was being manufactured late as the 80’s, when I was doing their warranty service.
I saw that listing, amazing.

I have 3 EV 15W, (2 active, 1 spare) made in 1958, stiff paper with cloth surrounds. I re-coned them twice.

Do you know of a source for re-cone kit with cloth surround?

this one needs new cone, and mine in future .....


thanks, Elliott
Here's a much better woofer, for home audio:  https://www.manualslib.com/manual/43813/Electro-Voice-Dl15w.html      Foam surround and a much greater voice-coil winding depth (greater Xmax= less compression/distortion) than their other (pro) 15s.     Find an EV warranty station (https://electrovoice.com/contact-us/) and inquire about the OEM reconing kit.   Don't let anyone recone an EV woofer, with anything but OEM/EV parts!   EV's DL15W kit will also fit any of their 15" woofer frames/magnet structures (ie: SRO, EVM, etc).   You won't regret it!         Of course: EV can also advise you, as to OEM kits for what you have.
I found a pair of these only 1 hr 20 mins away. The 18" woofers are the draw.

I have EV 3 way now, 15" woofers, horn mid, horm tweet

If I buy them, make new enclosures, tall, sloped front like the JSE Model 2's except wide enough for the 18" woofer.

My biggest concern is if the 18" woofers ever need replacing. (1/2" thick foam).

Any experiences?


thanks, Elliott
Buy a pair of these, to use as subwoofers (no connection to seller): (https://www.ebay.com/itm/6-Electrovoice-30W-sub-woofer-speakers-for-tube-amplifier-audio-western-ele...) Same cone material as their 18". EV probably still offers OEM reconing kits, as the 30W was being manufactured late as the 80’s, when I was doing their warranty service.

I went to college with the guy who ran the mould for the cone on those drivers. There was exactly one mould and one mould only. the only two people for that year, who were specifically there being educated, with intent to use it for audio.

He was working at EV when it cracked.

No more EV 30" drivers. Literally happened on his watch.

That is why they want so much for them.

There are many other drivers these days but nostalgia fills the senses of many people.

Thus no buyers, but still 48 people watching the auction.

Perhaps they gave in and made a new mould, but he doubted they ever would. this was a long time ago, so, who knows.

(I had to search da innerwebs for my own posts on this subject to confirm the data point. Gosh. Old enough to have to check your own records of your own memory. It was George. At Goulton. In Gananoque.)
Thanks everyone for their input,

I’ve cooled off on the idea, I may go listen to them just for the experience.

both the 18" woofers and the 5 balance control settings via resistors intrigued me.

My pair of 15W’s are more than enough bass, I have ports for ’more’ but keep them closed. and I will replace my original 16 ohm L-Pads for ’Brilliance’ and ’Presence’ control. I removed them, the speakers need them, I believe the speakers were originally designed with the L-Pad in the middle of the range as standard, then more or less from there. The AT37's were 12db range.

15W is 37 lbs, 5 pounds of alnico magnet. It not only makes bass, it powerfully controls it.


It’s hard to read, but interesting:

last paragraph, The "Building-Block Method". Their enclosures were designed to allow adding other drivers later if desired/

more about that


the ’add on’ kits, (which horn, which crossover) were based on your existing low frequency magnet size/weight

a. kit for existing 1 lb magnet

b. kit for existing 3 lb or greater magnet.

It’s easy to understand how the AT37 L-Pads were needed for existing and future ’building-block flexibility.

Way back to Mono, then addition to a second system for stereo and ’upgrade’ your existing system. Fun to re-discover that era.