Electro Statics for rears only?

I just fell in love with a pair of Martin Logan Scripts and was wondering if anyone has ever mixed electro static rear speakers with regular fronts.

My fronts are Paradigm studio 100 v 2 and center. I'm driving them with a McCormack DNA-1 dlx and absoulutely love them.

My Denon 3802, 110 x 7, AVR will be powering the rest including the ML's.

Do you think there would be a big tonal difference? I am into DVD-A as well as a lot of movies. Those scripts are just so cool and the swival wall mounts are just perfect for my room.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
I think they will make an awful match to the Paradigms. Scripts are quite nice in the right environment only. I personally don't want a surround with pinpoint imaging. That means that only 1 person can sit in the "sweet spot". Tonally, they are worlds apart.
I don't know how good a match it will make. I do know from being a longtime owner of stats that the previous answer is blatantly wrong. I would argue the Scripts would not be a good match because they are overkill compared to the Paradigms.

I also question whether the speakers should be reversed with the ML's as the front.
Thanks guys, that is what I needed to hear. Back to the drawing board.
Let me clarify my response. One does not need to sit with their head in a vice with most stats. Some yes, but not ML's.