Electro Harmonix tube opinions

I need your opinions of the EH tubes.
I have to buy many 6922, KT88 and 6550 tubes and the EH have excellent prices.
Anybody could compare them with other new Russian tubes like Sovtek, SED or Tungsol ?
About the 6922, EH have a gold pin version: anybody use them ?
I will apreciate all your opinions and suggest.
I use the 6922 gold pins in my cj pre-amp and like them very much. I have not compared them to alot of different tubes. But I have tried a few such as JJ Teslas, Philips JAN NOS and the stock sovteks. They seem to have better dynamics and are more detailed than any of the above. I would recommend them.

I have a pair of the EH6922 gold pins. I Like them, but they don't get along well with my preamp. So - I'm not able to use them. In my preamp they caused a distortion at certain high frequencies. I'm sure it's some sort of odd occurrence. They'll probably work well for you.

I have their 6922 non-gold pins, and I like them much more than Phillips JAN NOS and Sovtek. In particular, I found the Sovteks harsh. The EH were much more fluid and relaxed with more details.

Good luck.

I have a set of the 6550's in my Graaf push pull amp and think they sound great. That being said I just got the amp pretty recently and haven't done any rolling yet, so we'll see. Still I think for the prices I've seen they're excellent tubes and they appear to be well built.
I also use a set of the 6922's with gold pins in my CJ Premier 17LS pre-amp. I love them! Highly recommended!
well, this might not be directly related as my experience is with the 12AX7EH whereas you want info on the 6922EH. However, FWIW, I like the 12AX7EH tubes in my CAT preamp. It lends a certain richness to the sound that the Ei12AX7 tubes do not. In my particular case the Sovtek 6922-12AX7EH combination works quite well & I've been happy with it for about 2 years. Overall, after having spoken to a number of people I know who use the 6922EH & reading the forums, I think that the EH tubes, in general, are very good no matter which one you pick.
I have *heard* that the 6550EH has a certain boom-boom quality in the bass. By 'boom-boom' bass quality I mean that the bass tends to show some over-hang & that it might be tending towards a 1-note bass character. This is 2nd-hand knowledge so weight it as much as you like. YMMV.
My experience with tube rolling is minimal. But, in my Kora Eclipse preamp, the EH6922's sound dull and lifeless compared to the Bugle Boy and RAM versions.
I have tried the EH (steel and gold pin), JJ, late 60's Siemens cca, some Chinese tube, Siemens 7308 in my DK VS-1 integrated amp. The original Chinese tube was similar to sound of Sovtek in some other equiptment Ive heard, only somewhat more "grainy", but with an even amplification of all frequencies. The 7308 was a bit dull compared to the others with uneven presentation of harmonics. The cca had a tendency to exagerate higher frequencies at expense of mid-range. The steel pin EH had a slightly exagerated volume to middle frequencies while the gold pin had a bit more exagerated volume to mid freq extending into the upper frequencies. The JJ's have a more even-handed amplification of all freq without unusual harmonic deficit, over all presentation similar to Telefunken. The DK does not have the resolution that some preamps have so your results may vary according to aplication. I've heard the above tubes in other stuff but not directly compared but very generally same results. Good luck and please let us know how it all turns out, Mike.
Thank you for the opinions.
Try the 6992 TESLA NOS gold pin. I use EH gold pin and Tesla on my Graaf, but in my experience I can tell you the tesla tubes are much better, it`s a substancial improvement.
This year at CES, we used Electroharmonix in our amplifier.
I was pleasantly surprised--while not 'classic' sounding, they were very good, especially for the money. So much so, that we are including them in our SIGNATURE Amps as a no charge upgrade.

Larry R. Staples
LSA Group