Electro-Harmonix:steel pins, gold pins, platinium

I just want to know if somebody ever had the chance to compare let's say 12AU7, 6922, EL84 in their steel pin and gold pin version. Even the EL84 is sold in a Platinium version. Here i am talking about the Electro-Harmonix TUBES.
Is the difference in price worthed ?
Even the TUNGSOL EF86 is sold in the gold pin version ?
This is to fit in a JADIS JS1 DAC (that i just recover).
The manufacturer comments is: the law in France oblige them to put a production tubes (E-H) in their units but tubes rolling is to be consider......
steel corrodes, gold and platinum do not.
Corrosion factor only, don't expect sonic differences.
I know that Stephen Monte at Quest For Sound swears by the EH Gold Pins.He has retubed much of my gear with these affordable tubes.I'm not an expert,but they sound good to me!