Electro-Harmonix 6H30pi Gold vs Sovtek 6H30pi eb

Hi, first, I can't afford 8 of the 6H30 dr's. My preamp tubes are over 4 years old, I almost replaced the preamp, but my BAT VK 51SE is here to stay for awhile (poor me, it's pretty good!)

1)Has anyone compared the Sovtek 6H30's to the Electro-harmonix 6H30's?

2)Several places like thetubestore.com and tubedepot.com offer matching on the Sovtek 6h30's. Does anyone know a supplier that matches 6H30 tubes for Electro-harmonix? I emailed both the above places and they currently don't offer matching for the EH 6H30's.

Thanks in advance!
In answer to your first question, I've not compared the electro harmonix's to the sovteks but I have compared them to the 6h30 dr's and they compare very favorably particularly when you consider price. The 6h30 dr's are better but not $250 a pair better!not even close. I can live with the electro harmonix's they sound very good!!
I purchased mine from the tubestore but can't remember whether they were matched or not, all I know is they sound great.
I would talk to audio research and see what they recommend as electro harmonix is their stock tube for all of their equipment.
I have a set of Sovteks and EH Gold Pins for my BAT VK-51SE. Sovteks are new. I'm waiting for them to break in. They have about 50 hours, which is probably enough but to have a piece of mind I will let them run for a total of 100 hours. So far from what I remember the EH Gold Pins possibly had a bit more bass and just a tad more midrange lushness and also highs were a bit softer. But then again, until I swap them this weekend, I won't know.

Sovtek are fine tubes though. Probably a bit more durable than the EH and less noisy. May be a bit more neutral.

Anyway, I'll report back if you're interested.
Electro harmonix 6H30pi gold,sounding more sweet and a bit warm than Sovtek ,but sovtek have better transparency & more dynamic.
Thanks everyone. Audphile1, yes please let me know.

(where did you buy you EH's? or Sovteks?)

Jim McShane sells the Sovteks; they worked out nicely in my VK75SE as compared to DR.
EH Gold Pins are back in. Exactly what I expected - fuller sound, smoother, bit more presence in the bass, more romantic in the midrange. Sovteks are more lively, faster sounding tubes.

All comes down to what you and your system need. I would not say there is a loss of information with the EH Gold Pins. not at all. They're just a bit less analytical than the Sovteks.

If this is the sound you want, I think they're worth the extra few bucks they cost over the Sovteks.
I agree with the assessments made in this thread. That said, I prefer the Sovtek to the EH, for their clarity, extension and transparency.

My BAT Rex uses 4 Sovtek and 4 Reflektor NOS 6H30DR in the power module, and a pair of the Sovtek 6H30 in the main module. I've tried just about every combination, including all NOS 6H30DR, and what I listed above gives the most dynamic, natural, clear, and extended sound.
I've tried the EH 6H30' gold pin and the SOVTEK's in my ARC LS25 MKII and the EH definitely have better sound. More accurate instrument sound and the tone is something really beautiful and musical. Makes a big difference and I actually prefer them to the 6H30 DR that I had installed before (and yes, they were new, with 500 hours use).
I was researching these tubes and this thread came up in my search engine. How would users of either of these tubes rate their bass performance? With an ARC SP10 clone preamp I have and I'm finding the bass lacking when I've used 6N6P-EV and 6N1 tubes in the front section. I confirmed with the previous owner that 6H30pi tubes can be used with this preamp. I can't afford the Reflektor NOS 6H30DR supertubes though.

Thanks in advance.

Both the Sovtek and Electro Harmonix are made in the same factory, same tube.  If anything might change the tone, it would perhaps be the gold plate to improve contact.  Source: Upscale Audio. They also match and offer cryo at a premium (as does Cryoset) .

I would be interested if any opinions, heard difference, to include cryo vs non treated.  Victor at BAT, says he doesn't believe it the treatment but does not say why.  As for matching, in my VK50SE, Victor does not seem concerned about more then 10% or 15% mismatches, as the balanced preamp "blends nicely" the differences.  Who would have thought. Last thought on cryo, I buy 7591A EH from Cryoset, and there is a noticeable difference for that power tube.

Final thought on the new manufacturer and base knowledge so far from members, "extreme precision matching" may be a waste of money on the 6H30 depending on the equipment.  Noise, microphonics, and grid current, are more important according to Victor.