Electro-Acoustic Music: Canadians Help

I just heard an excellent piece on CBC radio that uses cricket and other natural sounds to create a little "symphonette" of sorts. It would be great listening on a decent rig, and I would love to get hold of it but it is no longer in print. The piece was "Cricket Voice" by Hildegard Westercamp, and it was on Anthology of Canadian Musis - Electro-Acoustic Music". It was put out on the label Electro-Acoustic Music with a ID number of ACM37.

Can anybody help me find this or obtain a copy? Canadians - would be forever in your debt!!!
Looks like I found it here . Spoke too soon! Very interesting music though. I look forward to hearing it on CD. Thanks, Peter
Sounds really interesting. I am always in for some innovative and obscure music.

By the way, I found the CD also on Verge music. I have been ordering from Verge a couple of times and they have been great: Quick shipping when the item is in stock. Otherwise they will backorder it for you and get it to if possible. I will probably try to place an order for the Westercamp soon.

Verge has some fairly difficult to find CDs by Pierre Favre, Irene Schweizer, and others, if you like contemporary european free jazz and experimental.

Another good source for obscure CDs in Canada is Fusion III. Both Verge and Fusion III are distributors but will also sell direct to customers. And some more great sources, but in the US, are Jazz Loft and CD Baby.