Electricity enhancer

Hi, I just experiment "Mad Scientist Graphene Enhancer" and also their "Black Discus Nano", and let me tell you, that it is a good improvement over my system.  I only listen to with the Black Discus Nano, for 2 weeks, that are furnished with my Graphen Contact Enhancer, and the after, the  2 products are worth to try, because I use some other products in the world of upgrading music the  "Mad Scientist Graphene Enhancer", and it is a +.  Let me know if you have experiemnt this kind of improvements ?
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@sleepwalker65 Not funny.

I have not tried these but there seems to be a lot of interest in Graphene recently in shielding and noise reduction in power supplies. What sort of improvement did you experience?
This stuff has been around for years-


I wonder what happens if the two were mixed together?  Holographic instruments appear in the room?

Tweaky stuff can be fun. I grew tired of it, and just buy more records to listen to.
noramance,  I think that the Black Discus Nano offer improvement in helping to low the noise floor, so there is more density in the instruments so their stamp is full body, the attack of the piano notes are percussive, better separation of instruments, much more depth and stereo image.  For the Graphene, it adds more energy and fluidity to music.   Graphene is not a silver paste like (Silclear), but a black liquid, and it takes realy a little and need to be rub to remove the excess and polish, graphene molecule are so small that it pentrate the metal connectors.  If you unplugged often your cables you would have to repeat the application.  
@audiosens Thanks. Well described improvements.
noromance, I have just finished to apply all around my systems, audio and video, and it is a way to feel the music, like if your are in the live symphonic-opera house.  I have noticed that the "Mad Scientist Graphene" help greatly to add more layers in the music audition, with energy and precision. Enjoy.