Electrical problem associated with all of my amps

Since I converted an upstairs room for my new system last November, everything was great. When the weather finally turned warmer, the A/C finally kicked on. However, as soon
as the A/C turns on the amps shuts down. At first I thought the Spectral DMA200 since it draws 800 watts continously was the reason, but it does the same with any of my amps.They all shut down; as soon as the A/C is turned off the amps start right up. None of the other equipment shuts down; because when you actually turn off the amp, the capacitors discharge and the music plays for a few seconds. So is it a voltage drop and I need something like a voltage stabilizer or do I need a new line run into the house. However, what is weird, the A/C and the stereo system are on different circuit breakers.
Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!!!
Definitly a big voltage drop. You are lucky the amps shut down, a big voltage drop could definitely toast your amp if it kept going. (overheating)
You need new wires from the pole to your house.
They are either too small, or way more likely: corroded
Elizabeth: I doubt corrosion; most likely too small wire since this room was suppose to be just a storage area over the garage (20x30) or very shitty electrical service from the power company. So basically you are saying I am having a local brown out with a large voltage drop; so a voltage stablizer like the monster cable volatage stabilizer should work???
Schubert -

You might want to call your electric company. There should be a 200-amp line going into your house, but a lot of older houses just have a 120-amp line going in. A friend of mine had a similar problem and he called his power company and they changed out the lines going into his home. Now the lights don't even flicker when his AC comes on.

Best of luck to you!

Duke: I have 200 amp service.
If I was having those problems with a 200 amp service I'd call a qualified electrician to troubleshoot & fix it.
Get your self a decent meter and check the voltage. Make sure you have really good fire insurance. Don't running expensive amp again until the problem is identified. i suspect someone will follow this entry with correct meter readings to look for.

Be careful.
Time to invest in a digital voltmeter and try to identify where the apparent low voltage condition is originating. Potential problem areas: Utility problems such as defective or overloaded transformer. Corroded or defective incoming cabling (especially if it is underground cable). Main breaker or main panel going defective (it does happen). Air Conditioner in serious need of recharge.

Year round, the available voltage on my dedicated circuit stays between 112 to 120 volts.
The problem is likely a too large line drop from your power pole transformer. A 200A service doesn't matter - what matters is how far your transformer is from your house. It sounds to me that it is too far (or too many houses on the same one) and you should have your power company check. A multimeter will not help you either because your problem is a transient one. Also, the problem can't be too small wiring.

I had the same problem and I had the power company fix it for free by installing a transformer just for my house. Your amp is shutting down due to simple undervoltage (i.e., overcurrent) because your AC compressor must be a big one. Good luck - you will need to make several calls to get it fixed.
Thanks all!
Solutions: power company came out: the voltage was 112 volts. Thepower company is putting in a new transformer, the old one was outdated, underpowered, and too far away. The electrician came out also: they are going to put in a dedicated 120v, 20amp line. The line the amp is currently on, "might" be too far away from the electrical box. So when this gets finished in a week or two, I will report back to see if all this works out!
Fixed! The power company put in a new transformer next to
our home. No voltage droops now.