Electrical Problem

I put together a pretty nice H/T system for my parents some time ago. Recently, a loud, sharp, popping or cracking sound has begun emanating from all speakers (except possibly not from the center channel. I can't verify that, though). It occurs at seemingly random intervals (not necessarily when there is a heavy load on the amp and I can't tie it in with A/C switching on or other household appliance) and varies in sound level. I haven't added or changed any components or wiring lately, and it all seems to be in good working order. The system is plugged into two Panamax surge/conditioing banks.

Any ideas from where this noise is occurring? It is almost loud enough to damage the speakers and has me worried.

Thanks for any and all help!!!!

Brad Day
Atlanta, GA
I just began experiencing this same problem. I hadn't changed anything at all, and all of a sudden pops and ticks and also random whitenoise static. This is on 3 dedicated 30 and 20 amp lines too! I've been listening for 6 months with same setup and all of a sudden it just started! I thought it was tied to my wife's running the dryer, but she shut it off and it kept occuring. Also, I have a minifridge in my listening room. The compressor was running and when it stopped all of a sudden I heard a pop out of my right speaker! It is driving me nuts as these are running on the dedicated lines and shouldn't be affected by other things running in the house.

Further thoughts. I really was curious about what was causing this. I looked at my system this AM and realized something had changed in my system. I had disconnected my sub but left the wire in the wall hanging down on the floor. I had also left my RCA input to my pre hanging on the floor in close proximity to the powercord, still hanging on the wall. I am not sure why, someone with more knowledge may be able to answer. My opinion is that the plug was not on the dedicated lines, and was throwing out stray RF and EMF was floating across the 3 or so inches on the ground directly to the RCA input and feeding into my active line stage. I unplugged the Sub RCA cord and have not had a repeat of the phenomenon I previously reported. Also, this really calls for significant attention to all the powerplugs that are NOT being utilized in your system. Is there anyone out there who has a way of plugging the AC Plugs to prevent this stray EMI/Static?RFI from creeping out of your walls and onto your floor. This must be why people are lifting their speaker cables off

This really speaks to the RCA caps that Cardas pushes as well as the Quiteline filters, made by ?? I had no idea this would be so audible. It even caused visible spikes in my TV as well as the audible effects.
I'll check my parent's system for anything like that.