Electrical noise from BAT VKD5 CD drawer?

Anyone else ever hear a slight electrical buzz coming through your speaker(s) when opening/closing the CD drawer on the BAT VKD5 24bit CDP with the volume up? No noise bleeds through when volume is down.
It might be working as designed. Since it only seems to be happening when you open and close the drawer must be the motor interfering with the output stage. If so this isn't a issue really unless the buzz is harmful (which doesn't sound that way)

It's a great redbook player, i've heard it a few times...maybe call BAT on Monday and ask them.
If there were any noise at all in my system while my BAT's drawer was opening/closing: I'd have certainly noticed it, as my system has a very high S/N ratio. Is this a recent development, or has it been extant since you've owned the piece? Either way: I'd contact Mr Khomenko and inquire at what circuit that motor noise could bleed into the output signal. (302.999.8855) (info@balanced.com)
Noticed it only recently because I put new tubes in and I left the volume up (about 12 O'clock position)to listen for tube noise and I happened to open the CD drawer. The motor noise was subtle but evident from the tweeter/mid drivers of my Left channel Sophia, which is closest to the equipmet. If your ears aren't very close to the speaker and the volume isn't up fairly high, you wouldn't hear it. Doean't seem to matter as far as listening goes. On a happy note, I decided to try an experiment with my BAT CDP...I dug out a heavy gauge Krell power cord from the archives to see what a non-networked PC would do to the sound (currently using an Oracle AC 2 msrp $4200). The transformation was undeniably huge and positive. Clarity, dynamics, tonality, soundstaging, bass definition all improved. As it has burned in it has turned downright perfect:) For the first time I can really hear what the VKD5 can do and it's absolutely addictive! I'll call Vicktor on Monday to double check something isn't buffering the drawer's motor noise from bleeding into the output stage.
Dave- What tubes are you using in your BAT? If you appreciate the attributes ascribed to the change in PCs, you'd love the presentation with pre-1968, NOS Siemens CCa's(or the E188CC/7308, which are a trifle less salty price-wise).
I have JAN Phillips 6922's and I am impressed considering I used to have Amperex NOS 6922's. Wanted to go with the best bang for the buck and I feel as though I've found it. Next time I'll try your recommendation.
Is that the JAN Green Label Phillips(actually a Sylvania)? As far as "bang for the buck: You could be right! Amperex produced a plethora of good tubes, but- If those that you owned weren't of their upper crust(ie: ECC88 – PQ Orange Label, made in Holland/ECC88 – Orange globe logo, made in Holland/7308 – Jan or PQ White Label, made in USA), you've not yet heard what your BAT can offer. Dare I say, "Trust me"? =8^) Still- I'm certain you're enjoying an excellent musical presentation through your VK-D5. A truly great player!!
Sorry, they were Amperex NOS 7308's...very expensive!
There were at least three versions of the 7308 that Amperex manufactured. Some much better than others. Don't be sorry. At least you tried them. Happy listening!!
Viktor at BAT says, "Is good, is OK..that is normal". Well, something like that anyway:) What a guy, what a country!
Just noticed this thread....FWIW, I've never heard any noise thru my speakers from the operation of the CD drawer. Are you sure that vibrations from it operating (and it certainly sounds clunky) are not triggering some tube microphonic's?

BTW, re tubes, my DK5 is an original version, and the one thing I ultimately concluded with my present associated components was that the bass needed some tightening up - I suspect the Rodmans recommendations might be right on target. But I'm too cheap, so I just use some NOS 6h23's. Didn't care at all for the few Amperex's I tried, nor the Sylvania JAN's (green labels). The bass is still a bit loose but its a good compromise, I think.
Like I said, you must be right in front of the speaker (left) and have the volume up about half way (12oclock) to hear it...my right channel picks up the microphonics of the drawer opening/closing. I wish BAT would update the DAC's (circa 1998) to something more current as well.
They did a couple of up-grades didn't they? 24/96 and the SE? I really don't know how this would/did change anything though regarding to my main complaint, the bass. :-)
Yup, but 6H30's aren't my bag. The BurrBrown (TI) 1704's are still the same as a decade ago. There are current DAC's that have better performance and definition available now...why not support SACD as well.
Newbee- Check out what Stereophile's results were, with regard to the bass response/reproduction of the VK-D5, when they tried various impedances at it's analog ouputs(Comments in the "measurements" section: (http://www.stereophile.com/digitalsourcereviews/570/index6.html)
Thanks Rodman - I've most recently used the BAT into a couple of pre's with 100K imput impedence, and my complaint has not been so much a lack of bass as a lack of tightness in the bass. When I acquired the BAT in '97(?) and up 'til about 2006 I used it exclusively with an ARC SP10 - never thought the bass was too loose, nor did I think it was too deep either (maybe the same thing?). The SP10 has an input impedence of 50K. Since the SP10 I've sought after a different tone and I think the new stuff w/the BAT may just be a tad too much in combo. I do not have this problem with any of my other digital sources so it just kinda sticks out.

I guess the output impedence of the BAT in the bass would/could be the source of my problem with its bass response. Thanks for bringing it to my attention - now I know its not just between my ears. :-)
Over the years that I've owned the VK-D5, I've noticed differences in the bottom octave with various tubes, power cords and interconnects(in addition to the pre's input impedance dynamic). Each step up brought better pitch resolution and speed. Just lately I replaced the two B+ bridge rectifiers in my woofer amp with soft recovery FREDs. A real eye-opener!! Off topic though(sorry). Enjoy the music. =8^)