Electrical gurus please help....

I have a B&K AVR 307 and Revel speakers, Velodyne HGS15 sub, Sony 9000ES, and a Pioneer Elite cd recorder. I have recently added two dedicated lines for my system. One is for the tv, and the other for my equipment. My question is twofold.......First should I just use a high grade outlets like a hospital grade outlet? Or are industrial grade outlets just fine? Secondly.....Is my equipment at the level where I would want something like a Richard Gray or PSAudio power strip? If not what would you recommend?

Thank you for your input!!!
Hey Jdcmac... and industrial grade outlet should be fine, just be sure that the solid copper wires are screwed into the sides of the outlet instead of simply pushing them in.

Your system would definitely benefit from an AC power filter. The two you mentioned have been discussed in this forum. I would also recommend the Tara Power Screen. Their six outlet model has a digital barrier and this worked very well with my 9000ES. I also found no loss of dynamics, even when plugging my amp into its regular outlets. For my HDTV, I used their 2 outlet model. I have since upgraded to their AD/10B and now run my entire A/V system through it.

You have a great system, cleaning up your AC will take it to the next level. Good luck!
1. Hospital grade sockets are always better because in addition to industrial they're designed to be quiet.
2. Most likely PS Audio powerplant will not handle your AVR due to the lack of delivered power. It's only for CD/DVD-player, turntable motor and/or preamp. I do not recommend to plug in receiver or power amplifier into PS Audio.
Definitely change your outlets to an upgrade model: at least hospital grade for better contact area & reduced noise contributions due to micro-arcing. F.I.M. First Impression Music just released a nifty new $65 outlet (available from Galen Carol Audio among others) that is getting a good reception from those who were already using upgrade outlets. Then there's the Wattagate 381: a bit more pricey but worth it at my house.
Regarding line conditioning: definitely get something but ensure you use a model that won't constrain dynamics. Shunyata, Chang Lightspeed, or the PSAudio strip are all good examples. Not the PSAudio power plant though, unless you get the large heavy expensve & inefficient P600.
marakenetz: *hospital grade sockets are always better because in addition to industrial they're designed to be quiet* what is the source of your information? you think hospital-grade outlets are "designed to be quiet" because they are used in places where signs promote silence? in fact, hospital grade outlets are designed to last through multiple pluggin' in's and pullin' out's. no one, i think, who designed or bought them for their originally intended purpose gave a rat's patoot if they made sound better the audio you can order in your hospital room for a mere $99.97/ hr. -kelly
.......agree with the above posts re hospital grade outlets. They have higher build quality and are specifically designed to tightly grip the plug (so the plug can't easily fall out), and thus they provide better contact than regular household outlets.

But given a choice, I would opt for the outlets Bob B. mentions above. I use Hubbell audiophile grade outlets at 2/$25. from the Cable Co.

It's been my sad experience that some power conditioners actually degrade music quality. As I continued to up-grade my system, a Tice E-4 power conditioner finally became a liability. I sold it, put in a dedicated AC system, and now plug everything directly into the wall. Cheers. Craig
I can second Craig's experience with all power conditioners I've tried (loss of dynamics, was my complaint) -- bar one: a new Accuphase (sorry, don't remember model #).

Dedicated lines, on the other hand, have been a relatively cheap and exceptionally performant solution: transported my system to another level!
Good luck!
I agree with Garfish and Gregm. Tice, PS Audio Power plants, MIT Stabilizer, all these devices add a coloration or compress dynamics. The only one i found that does the job that it claims is the Sound Application conditioner. At almost 5 grand, not quite a bargin. I would try some of the better PCs, Shunyata, FIM, or whale etc. I think you might get more for your money sonically speaking.
Thanks All!!!