Electric Ladyland 50 Year Anniversary Reissues

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Hendrix is in the elite group(Beatles,Stones..) that get endlessly milked$$$$

Now that I've been reminded there are U.K. period mono's that haven't been played in ages, time to dust them off for a spin!

For superfans, or to replace the noisey copy found at a yard sale.

I wonder if Jimi is nodding in approval or shaking his head?

How many times in one day can they milk the same cow?  Pink Floyd also did that with their catalog, rereleasing material over and over plus all the unfinished songs, etc.  I am one of the worlds biggest Floyd fans but even I say enough is enough.  My advice, if you already have a good sounding copy, there is no need to get yet another.

That ZU Denon DL103 you sold me back in 2010 is still being used on my new Technics SL1200G.  I had it retipped from needle clinic and it sounds as good as ever.  One of the best investments I ever made.  Thank 

That's a really good first stoned song!  Reminded me of mine:  first time stoned and first time hearing the album "Dark Side of the Moon" by this group called Pink Floyd.  It was a positive experience, and it has encouraged repeated applications of both!