Electric guitar cable?

A little off topic but ... can anybody reccomend a good
electric guitar to amplifier cable?

Do any of the audio cable makers (Cardas, Kimber etc) sell
such items? Have any of you audiophiles and musicians tried
something other than the $10 cables available at most guitar

Many thanks,

MIT Cables makes the "Hardwire" line of instrument, microphone and patch cables.

You might ask this question on one of the guitar-related forums. You will probably get more information.

george L cables, high end cables for guitars. reportedly used by eric johnson who is as obsessive about tone as audiophiles are about reproduction...he even reportedly can tell between battery types and ages in his stomp boxes.
I and associates have also used with good results:

Canare (brew it yourself...long live soldering parties)
Not cable but Wavelength audio makes a 300B based one-speaker guitar amp! List for around 5K. Gotta love it...
JPS Labs and Audience both make guitar cables but I never tried any yet. I gues if I was recoding or play out a lot, I would try one but I am not doing too much of that now.
I use a Tara Labs Decade cable for my bass guitar. Big difference in bass and mid-bass response. Anthony Jackson, one of the best bass guitar players in the world, is as tone obessed as Eric Johnson. He uses a Nordost Quattro Fil cable connected to an FM Acoustics single channel preamp, Krell monoblock, and custom made 3-way speaker cabinet. Audioquest is also making musical instrument cables. Hope this helps.
I use diy cables made with DH Labs BL-1 bulk wire (two conductor shielded).
Evidence Audio.
Although any cable will work, stick with someone who does pro audio.
Thanks everyone.

I'll spend some time researching the various cables
mentioned here.