Electric guitar a la Mike Stern

I've had the Chesky disc "4 Generations of Miles" for a while and I love some of Mike Stern's electric guitar solos. Any other suggestions for similar music?
I think some of Stern's best playing was w/ Miles and you may find some of the discs he put out afterwards to be a bit tame and generic. You might wanna' try some of these:

John Abercrombie- Timeless, Gateway 1 (black cover)
Blue Effekt (also known as M Effekt)- A Benefit w/ Radim Hladik
Bruford/Levin Upper Extremities
Nels Cline- Ground (lots of others are good too)
Larry Coryell- Cause and Effect (also Fairyland and Live at the Village Gate)
Fermata- Fermata (first two are usually on one disc)
David Fiuczynski- Lunar Crush, Kif, Mandala
Steve Khan- Casa Loco
Perigeo- Genealogia
Terje Rypdal- Whenever I Seem To Be Far Away (and lots of others)
Soft Machine- Softs
Sonny Sharrock- Sieze The Rainbow
Nicky Skopeletis- Revelator
Steve Topping- Time and Distance

Leaving out tons that deserve mention, you're looking at a pretty fertile area, staying addicted should be easy.
Thanks for those suggestions. Will look into them.