Electric Bill

How much is your electric bill for this great hobby?
Mine is around 150.00 out of a 250.00 bill a month.
why not you can consider the electric bill and turn off your equipment when you're not listening. it's only half-hour the most of worm-up time that you can actually listen to background music and worm-up components even faster.
becides running on all the time tube phonostage is not wise at all, because the worm-up time is in 5...10min. if your computer is on all the time and connected to internet, you may catch the unwanted automatic updates or even malware. also the processor time is finite and usually it blows when processor fan stops...
you can consider electric bill, you can consider the safety of your equipment and take few seconds to turn your components off.
Timely thread. For the past week I've been letting my
system play throughout the day at above-moderate volume
while I've been at work (long workdays since my children are
away on vacation), breaking in a pair of new speakers. This
thread prompted me to compute the expected damage to my own
electric bill.

Assuming the worst, my expected increase is less than
$20/week, due to my particular medium-power, Class AB, SS
stereo amp--not too bad!

I'll keep this thread in mind in case I ever start thinking
about purchasing a pair of high-power, Class A, tube-based
mono amps!

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I would think that every dime we save on stuff like electricity we can send on equipment or software.
I really like to spend money but I dislike wasting even more. Unless of course you are in the 1% bracket.