Electraglide Ultra Kahn / Shunyata Anaconda vx

Guys, I'm soon going to be looking for a very high quality power cable for my transport (system details below) and have both the Ultra Kahn Statement 2 and Anaconda vx on my shortlist. The qualities I favour are musicality and a full bodied tonal structure, with excellent micro-dynamics to recreate a realistic ambiance. I already have an anaconda vx which i think is great however a dealer (with an excellent reputation who stocks both brands) has suggested I will love the Ultra Kahn even more. Alternatively maybe you can suggest other models which may work well for me. I've heard good things about elrod however they are too inflexible for my tastes; similarly any views about the Wollf Carbon Ribbons would be appreciated. thanks Mark

audio synthesis transcend and dax discrete
valhalla i/c with silver bullet plugs
rogue amp with nos gecs / rcas
xindak fs2 spkr cables
hydra 8 with anaconda / python / xindak gold
townshend seismic stand
I would take a serious look at the Harmonix X-DC Studio Masters. One of the greatest values (never thought I'd say that about a $1k plus cord) considering the cost of the big boys. I have a golden earred buddy, who traded in all his Elrods for the Masters. Also, if I remember correctly, I read a post on the 'gon a ways back, about someone changing over to the Harmonix from the Anaconda. Just a little FWIW. peace, warren
Hi Mark,

I would use the Ultra Khan (for better transparency and detail retrival) on the Transport and the Anaconda Vx (for the signature "analogue" sound and better noise reduction) on the DAC.

I have not tried the UK Statement II, but have a UK on my Velocitor that feeds my digital source. Use the Anaconda Vx on my Transporrt and the original King Cobra on my DAC.
I have a Voodoo Silver Dragon on my Arcam DV-89 and could'nt be happier. I've also compared the Anaconda on 75K systems to P/C's costing 1/4 that cost and difficulty hearing a difference. I also use a Tesla I on my sub with great results. Just another option.
The best cable I have ever heard is the new Electra Glide Epiphany.

I have owned both the Electra Glide Ultra Kahn and Ultra Khan Statement II Rev., the Elrod Statement and both the EPS-2S and EPS-3S, NBS Monitor 0 and 1, Purist Audio Dominus, Michael Wolf Carbon Gain and Cardas Golden Cross and Reference. That's a lot of cables, but none of them possessed the combination of all to good elements of these cables and none of the draw backs. For example: the Elrods have great bass and mids but the top end is rolled-off, the NBS has detailed bass, great top end extension and soundstage but the mids are a little recessed and the treble a little exaggerated, the Purist Dominus was like the Elrod great bass and mids but dark on top, Michael Wolf was lacking impact being too polite and the Cardas was colored and a little grainy.

The Epiphany, is smooth, extended, detailed, hugh soundstage and yet not too bass heavy, not too forward or recessed in the mids and not bright at all on top. Just very natural, clean, detailed and listenable. I have even been testing hem without the Balanced Power Technologies BP3.5 Signature in line by just using a PS Audio Juice Bar and they sound great right out of the wall!
Gosh Jason,
I don't remember selling you one of my new Carbon Ribbon Gain cords that have only been in production for a month now. To my knowledge, there are only 3 people in the USA that have them.
But I may be wrong.

Michael Wolff
I also like on my Digital the Ultra Khan Statement ll better than the Andaconna VX and the Michael Wolf Source cord .
With the UK the sounds stage is huge and has great bass, midrange and treble qualities .

The Andaconna made the bass sound weird compared to the UK.
The Wolf Cord lacked dynamics.
What is this? Pick on my product today.
Ozzy this is what you wrote me in an e-mail:

I have used your Power cable for about 2 weeks to power low level equipment = 2 VCR's a CD player and a Pink noise generator.
Did not care for the sound , it was weak in just about evry area that is important.
Then with your blessing I ran it 3 days on the cable Cooker and them I let it rest for 1 day.
I must tell you today the sounds is excellent, everything is vastly improved.
Originally I was not willing to pay 2 dead flies for your power cord .

I have already purchased the Shunyata Python VX , so if I keep your cable I will have to sell that one.

So, after all my trials and such what kind of price can I get your cable for ?

Ken Basar

Now Ozzy, it appears you are just upset because I wouldn't discount the cord to you.

Next person please,
Michael Wolff
PS: I just love Audiogon flames.

I did get one of your gain cables about 3 to 4 months ago I believe, I live in Florida. I had it on loan for a good week and we discussed getting source cords next if I liked it, but I decided to send it back. It just was not better then the cables I already had. It is a good product at a very good price point. But it just was too polite for me.

Jasonmcguire what's the deal with your count them 3 posts on 3 separate threads today shilling or at least looks alot like shilling regarding the newest greatest Electra Glide Epiphany. and now from above I see this
"Gosh Jason,
I don't remember selling you one of my new Carbon
Ribbon Gain cords that have only been in production for
a month now. To my knowledge, there are only 3 people in the USA that have them.But I may be wrong." Michael Wolff
I believe he would have remembered if you were 1 of the 3 U.S. buyers of the said cords.
And you happen to have a customer review of the new epiphany cord on the new Electra Glide website is this all just some big coincidence or a conspiracy of some sort?
Good one Mejames.

In the past 5 months I have purchased two Elrod Statements, an EPS-2S and an EPS-3S, Michael's cable (which was actually on a free trial basis which he will see when he checks his records and which I have the FedEx return slip to prove), two NBS Monitor 0's and a Monitor 1, an Electra Glide Ultra Khan Statement II, four Electra Glide Epiphany's and finally a Purist Audio Design Dominus. All of which, except the Epiphany's, I have resold on Audiogon or returned to the manufacturer (Michael). I still need to sell an Electra Glide Ultra Khan Statement II R, an NBS Monitor 0 and an Elrod EPS-3S that are for sale now.

I've had the Epiphany's for almost two weeks now and they are amazing.

Have you ever tried the current Electra Glide cables, or Michael's cable? If so how do they compare to the Anaconda VX? Which I have never tried and nor do I claim to. You have a nice system but all XLO cables?
I do not have either a Khan or Anaconda, but do have the new Michael Wolff Gain cords and find them to be very dynamic and fast - I have 4 runs, as my Atma-Spheres MA 2.2s each take 2 PCs, so could not compare them with many others, but they are certainly not too polite or flat for my tastes. I am very happy with them. This is not off-topic, since MW cables were mentioned as lacking in dynamics and I dont agree.
I suppose the "nice system but all XLO cables?" was mostly directed at my cheap XLO REFERENCE 2 TYPE 10A power cords? I will tell you this they have been cryoed and cooked on the Audiodharma cooker after this treatment they actually make a 3 times more expensive Shunyata Python sound like it's a joke and an expensive one at that. I better go get the fire extinguisher out now here comes the flames.
I have not tried the Anaconda, however have tried many Synergistic Research, Shunyata, Harmonix, and Electraglide power cables.

On my front end I have not found a cord that has bettered the Electraglide Ultra Khan II... I have not tried the Epiphany yet, however I am told they are ridiculously good. The Electraglide Ultra Khan II beat other cords in all areas so obviously I ended up buying Electraglide cables for my entire system. They used to be mixed for each component, however when I started swapping in the new Electraglides, everything just seemed to get better in all areas. I was worried about "too much of a good thing" with all Electraglide cables... not the case. Just a good thing.

I agree completely. I use to mix and match like a mad scientist trying to get the right balance: add a little NBS for extension and soundstage, an Elrod for bass and midrange balance and put the Electra Glide Ultra Khan on the tranport etc. Yet, I could never make it all sound how I really wanted it to.

I was worried that an all Electra Glide system could be too much of a good thing, like when I had too many NBS power cables in my system, but they are so balanced and faultless that it worked out perfectly.

No offense Mejames, I just gave you a little dig after you gave me two of them. I am sure the XLO cables sound great and I'll take your word that they sound better than the Anaconda. Just as I am sure you will give us all the benefit of the doubt how great the Electra Glide cables sound.

On another subject: Michael, did you find me in your records yet? I really enjoyed dealing with you as you are a gentleman. Please clearify this and let this thread know that Jason McGuire of Coral Gables, FL did infact have a Gain cable for a short period of time before I returned it to you. Thanks, Jason.
Yes I did Jason and I do remember you. True you did try the older version of the Gain cord which has now been replaced by a newer model. Springbok is one of the three that have them in his system. I also remember that it was a pleasure working with you.

Hope things are going well for you.
Thanks Michael I appreciate the clarification.
So you have a revised version of the Gain cord out? Very interesting.

Could some of you guys in the know please give us your educated opinions on the following??? -

-- Compare the sonic signatures of the Mini-Khan, Mini-Khan Plus and Ultra-Khan Statement II/Rev

-- Where do you think each model is at its best in a system (ie, on an amp, PLC, CD player, tube preamp, etc)?

I ask because I have 2 M-K Pluses and 1 M-K, (along with a plethura of Shunyatas and a pair of Elrod Sig's) and would like to know the best place to devote each cable.

BTW - I just bought a new BPT 3.5 Signature PLC. Chris has just changed the ENTIRE chassis to anodized black, thick ALUMINUM (instead of the thinner brushed-silver stainless steel). It has FAR better EMI/RFI and resonance control, and looks fantastic - a much more substantial and classy design.

It still comes standard with the 'extra' faceplate in your choice of silver or black, and is still a luggable 80 pounds. I intend to use one of my Elrod Sigs on it when I finally get all my gear placed in its final rack locations.
Jason to clarify I said "compared against the Python" not the Anaconda. another question now it's 4 posts on Audiogon and at least 2 posts on Audio asylum regarding the new Epiphany PC and a customer review on the Electra Glide website you have some vested financial interest in this company or what? sure looks fishy to me being it all occurred within the last 48 hours.

I find the Electra Glide cables best on the source components / front end gear. Are your Elrod Signatures 2's or 3's? If they are 3's use them on the amp and if you have a 20 amp iec, on the BP3.5 as Chris recommends. I have the same BP3.5 Signture, just got it from Chris a week and a half ago. Amazing product that keeps getting better every day.

Mejames, I like the no comment on the Michael Wolff stink you raised. Now it is this one all over again. Get over it.
By the way Mejames, as Michael Wolff knows, I live in Coral Gables (Miami), FL and have been cooped-up in a storm shuttered house since Thursday afternoon. Does that qualify for 48 hours? Actually I've been at this for more like 72 to be precise, and I'm going stir-crazy.

Luckily we did not get hit too hard and the wind/rain is letting up. I have even begun to de-shutter the house on a few windows opposite the wind/rain. My carport cover was trashed and I took photos for insurance, but that's the extent of the damage.

Now they are talking about Hurricane Ivan.

I personally have not owned the Mini Khan, or the Ultra Khan Statement II Rev. I would suggest going to Electraglide's website and emailing Scott for sonic differences.

The literature that comes with the cable states to start with the preamp (best cable there) I believe.

In my personal experience, I found my system to sound its best with the best powercords I own (Ultra Khan II Statements) in this order:

1 - UK II Statement on the BPT BP-3.5 Sig balanced line conditioner

2 - UK II Statement on my Electrocompaniet EMC-1UP cd player

3 - UK Mini Khan Plus on First Sound Preamp

4&5 - UK Mini Khan Plus' on my monoblock amps

Hope this is of some help. I would try the second best power cord on both your cd player and preamp. Your results may vary.
It was kind of you to let people try your power cord out.
I was undecided between the Shunyata Pyhon VX and your Source cord.
Your Source cord had a relaxed sound to it , but maybe too relaxed , but the Python had other +/-'s too.
But honestly, the question was between the Anaconda VX (not the Python) the Ultra Khan Statement ll. and your Cord. Compared to those your cord is weak in Dynamics.
Again, Thank you for lettimg me try your Power Cord.
Thanks guys, that helps reinforce what I expected and planned for.

To answer your question, Jason -Yes- my Elrod EPS-3S is a 20-amp'er, so I intend to use it on the BPT instead of the L-9 cord that Chris included with it.

I really like the fact that Chris' literature recognizes the advantages of and highly recommends experimenting with different brand and versions of power cords and isolation devices. This shows an open-mindedness that rarely appears in hi-end audio.
Ozzy, et al, once RFI "hash" is lessened or removed from the signal, there may be a perception of reduced dynamics. The solution is to simply turn up the volume. Withthe hash removed, one should be able to tolerate the louder levels of playback. This will unmask the true dynamics of the particular recording.
Sometimes this requires a re-training of the ear to evaluate the change and whether it is a positive experience. Some think it is, some think it is not.

It would be nice to be able to claim to make the only accurate component in the audio world. But that will never be a reality, since some people like it hot and some like it cold.

Happy Listening,
Michael Wolff
It amazes me that people will pay hundreds / thousands of dollars for some wire / cabling rather than invest that into correcting the problems in the gear that they have and / or getting rid of the problem at the AC source. Isn't this kind of like trying to find a faster, more powerful horse because your old horse can't move your covered wagon quickly enough? One would think that it would be obvious where the attention needs to be concentrated once you saw those square wheels, but i guess not.

Michaelwolff said "It would be nice to be able to claim to make the only accurate component in the audio world. But that will never be a reality, since some people like it hot and some like it cold."

My response to that is that accuracy has nothing to do with personal preference. What people like and what is accurate can be two very different things. Having said that, people should buy what they will use and enjoy. Sean
Sean, I have four power cables of similar design. Each of the manufacturers has insisted that their cables are accurate and measure linearly. This probably means linear using a frequency sweep. One of the manufacturers even goes so far as to quote your line : "my cables are neutral, any problems are in your system". (Actually, that cable always has some upper mids frequency brightness-aggressiveness no matter where it is placed, and others have reported the same experience with it.)

It can be said that none of the four neutral cables gives the dark-warm-slow sound that many others do, but that's the end of the similarity. They vary greatly on bass, upper mids, top end, dynamics, rhythmic pace, thinness, clarity, speed.

So how is anyone supposed to proceed here? Your statement of switching out gear in favor of accurate cabling sounds great in theory, but until 'accurate cable' has a well-defined engineering basis that correctly predicts at least most of the audible performance of cables, we will be left pretty much where we are now.
Dear Mr. Troll. Accuracy is indeed a matter of personal taste. What I deem to be accurate and what someone else deems to be accurate can be many different shades of gray on the white to black scale. That is a fact that defies your 1 + 1 = 2 mentality.
Neutrality? What is that supposed to sound like? What is the quintessential referent? Is there one? I read this all the time on the 'gon. " I need an IC that will soften up the highs from my cdp." ICs as tone controls? It appears to be a very subjective thing: neutrality. Will my neutral sounding system sound like your neutral sounding system? I know there's no answer for these rhetorical queries, but I finally, fwiw, got all my wires to sound good to me. peace, warren
Flex: My comments, while possibly less than ultimately clear, did not pertain to swapping gear so much as "fixing what was already there". That is, instead of investing in cabling, invest in filtration. As a side note note, there's a lot more to linearity than a frequency sweep.

Michaelwolff: Accuracy has nothing to do with personal opinions. That's called preference. I'm sorry if you can't understand that, but i guess that 1+1=something other than 2 in your book. Since i'll never understand your type of math, especially since you can't explain how the equation actually works, and i don't speak jive nor have i acquired a taste for snake oil yet, i'll call it quits here and now. Sean
Sean, I think perhaps that would be best for you, you are having a hard time trying to understand the difference between actual accuracy and perceived accuracy. Measuring the height of an item using a calibrated height gauge is actual. Listening to music through a stereo is based more on the perception of the listener than the actual measurements taken by a laboratory.
Hope that explains the difference.
Either Way Best wishes.
Michael: Until you can get rid of / suppress the noise and interference on the line, you'll never have a "neutral" power cord. That's because the impedance and design of the cord itself will introduce varying levels of filtering / wave-shaping distortions to the broad-band "polluted" signal entering the device.

If you get rid of the noise / interference before it enters the power cord, the characteristics of the power cord become FAR less critical. That's because all the power cord has left to do is to maintain the purity and amplitude of the signal that was fed into it and keep its' own "antenna action" to a minimum. After all, we are talking about a 60 Hz sine wave here. You don't need to worry about too much here as a sine wave is FAR more limited in bandwidth and duty cycle as compared to that of a square wave, etc... This reduces the need for fast transient response and / or wide bandwidth, so skin effect isn't of much concern either.

It's too bad that people are gullible enough / lack the proper education in certain areas to pay good money for a few dB's of non-linear attenuation / elevation with random results and predictability. They could be achieving results that are both far more consistent, linear and measurable for equal or less money. Then again, nobody ever said that all audiophiles were smart shoppers or that all cable manufacturers were honest or ethical.

Carry on, my wayward son.... Sean
Sean, what is a "nuetral" power cord? Is yours neutral? Tell us about it, and how you know it is neutral? What is your listening referent? I asked these questions before but, there were no takers. I wonder why? thanks in advance....peace, warren
Sean, how fortunate we are that you were not schooling the Wright Brothers.

Now back to my make believe world,
I'll let the sales-shack marketing carry on as it was before i entered this thread. I'll just say that i guess i would be bitter & upset if someone were publicly questioning the necessity of a product that i made and others like it, especially if i couldn't refute their statements or experiences. Especially if after all of the forum marketing hype, all i could sell were 3 power cords for the entire first month that they were available.

Personally, something like this would make me think that maybe if i had conducted proper spectral analysis tests and taken measurements in the difference of the noise floor using lab grade test equipment, i could actually document the performance benefits and design attributes of the cable. That would allow me to have proof of my claims and as a result, sales might improve. Then again, if none of the other cable manufacturers were offering proof of their claims, why should anyone expect that? Maybe if one were to keep coming out with newer models and make bolder claims, they could charge even more money and sell a few more cables. Hmmm.... Sean

Goodnight Gracie....
Goodnight Johnboy...
ok I posted directly after Michael Wolff's 2nd post to this thread I suppose I was still writing my first response and your answer reminding Michael you demod his cord was posted before my post was posted. When I posted my comment it seemed like Michael had absolutely no recollection of you whatsoever. I therefore did not see your reminder post untill after I was done posting or I would not have mentioned this subject at all. sorry.
Sean, don't be afraid..I won't hurt ya. Cat got your tongue? Hard to believe. Hey, let's keep it to principles before personalites. Fair? I'm interested in your take: "nuetral cables" peace, warren
Warren: By nature, a well designed power cable that attempts to achieve a lower noise floor is NOT "neutral" in itself. As such, i've already answered your question.

Power cords are PART of a power delivery SYSTEM. When you count on them to perform major filtering through manipulation of the bandpass and / or cleanse a component of incoming RFI & EMI all by themselves, you've assigned a helluva lot of complex work to what is basically a relatively simple passive circuit with minimal parts count. If you would like further details, try reading this thread about transformers here on Agon. Sean
Sean, thanks for the info. I found it very interesting. Well, at least, what I understood. A little too scientific for me. I'm interest in what power cords you have found through your listening experiences to have the lowest noise floors. peace, warren
Sean, what power cords, speaker cables and ICs do you use in your system? Take a glance at my above question as well. thanks...
Warren: In response to the questions here and to the two emails that you sent me, I don't see every response or every thread posted right away. My schedule and attention levels vary, so i don't / can't always respond to suit your preferences or schedule.

I typically check the "12 hour" view and if i don't see anything in that section that i'm interested in and / or already posting in, i may not be aware that i "need" to follow up on a post or request. Due to the differences in when i'm logging on due to my own personal schedule and the time that someone posts a response, i may not see their response right away. That is, until someone else posts and brings that thread back up into sync with my specific schedule and the "recent 12 hour activity". Evidently, your posts and my viewing habits didn't coincide within a 12 hour time-frame, hence the lack of response. Sorry if that upsets you or anyone else.

Having said that, i normally have five different systems running. My speaker cables of choice are the flat series of Goertz ( as should be well known by now ). Having said that, i'm not running Goertz in every system. My HT system is plumbed with Kimber 8TC and 4TC and my bedroom system uses modified XLO cabling. The Kimber was used in the HT system due to routing / flexibility issues and because i consider it to be a pretty well rounded product. The XLO was used for similar reasons, but only after i reconfigured the electrical geometry of the cable and re-terminated it. Like most of the other types of interconnects and power cords, i have many different types and brands of speaker cables that i own but aren't using.

As far as interconnects go, they vary by application and are non-universal by nature due to different loading conditions in the component to component interphase. My thoughts on this should be reasonably well know by anyone that has read more than a few of my posts on the subject. If you want a list of brand names that i have and am currently using, i have and use Magnan, Music Metre, Tara Labs, VH Audio, Goertz and a few other random cables along with some home-brewed designs spread through-out my various systems. I also have several dozen other interconnects from such companies as Purist, Audioquest, Goertz, Monster, etc... that i'm not using, but could if i thought they worked better in a given application. In case you're wondering why i listed Goertz in both used / not-using categories, it is because i'm running some of their cables in balanced / XLR form but not in single-ended / RCA form. Re-configuring the same cable from RCA to XLR changes the electrical properties of the cable. This is due to the geometry of the cable being altered, which in turn changes the nominal impedance, bandwidth, etc... and the way that the signal is conducted.

The power cords that i use vary depending on the electrical characteristics and current demands that each individual device requires. Many of these are my own design and / or commercially available designs that i've "tweaked" a bit to suit my own specific needs / goals. Most take into account different design / electrical attributes that i've publicly discussed in three different cable and / or AC based threads that are currently in recent rotation.

I will say that they are all low inductance / high capacitance designs that make use of reasonably flexible conductors. I'm not a big fan of ultra-rigid power cables, or any other cable that is "stiff" for that matter.

As such, i hope that this answers some of your questions.

As a side note, after you sent me the first email i.e. "Hey Sean, did your psychiatrist forbid you to talk to me? lol Lay those power cords etc. on me.", i responded to your cock-eyed comments about my supposed psychiatrist not allowing me to talk to you ( i don't see or have a psychiatrist )and asked what you were referring to in specific, here's what i got back from you: "I'm just fool'n with you. We've had some tete a tetes on the 'gon and with your temporary banishment (and as a rule; anger tinged posts) from the 'gon, I thought that you were avoiding any contact with me, and others, perhaps. Anyway, you're clearly avoiding my questions, or circumlocuting. Now that I've given you the deal with the psychiatrist, how about answering my questions? Fair enough? peace, warren". Why didn't you just respond to me with a simple link to this ( or any other specific ) thread instead of the response above?

Instead of doing so, you tell me that you're only joking with me regarding the psychiatrist. Fair enough, i can take a joke. Then you dive right back in and accuse me of avoiding the issues, not wanting to talk to you, etc... Given that i responded to your previous question above less than 2 days ago, provided you with a basic explanation of the background of my AC system and thoughts on the subject by linking to a different thread...how am i avoiding you?

On top of that, you continue on with "Now that I've given you the deal with the psychiatrist, how about answering my questions? Fair enough?". This doesn't seem like a joke to me. Then you resort back to signing off with "peace, warren". What the hell kind of conflicting message is that???

I'll tell ya, with all of the problems i've had lately with my server and email not showing up consistently, this is the kind of stuff that makes it through ??? I will make one thing clear here. I do not wish to converse with you, either privately or publicly. Out of all of the folks that i've ever dealt with on the net publicly and / or via private email, you are the least consistent and what i would term "the biggest flake" of the bunch.

If you want proof of the inner-conflict that you're obviously dealing with, just re-read the last email that you sent to me. If anyone here needs therapy, i think you've got your answer. I've never been anything but "point blank" with any of my answers. I don't think that the majority of people reading these forums would consider me a "chicken" when it comes to being "confronted" with questions. Sean
Sean, I don't know what your parole conditions were/are for your Audiogon reinstatement, but I do know this: nothing changes if nothing changes. Thin skin? Onion skin is more like it. You, do however, have Audio Asylum to do what you love most.......
Mejames, don't worry about it. We are all adults and Michael has been responsible enough to verify my statement as true. It's all good.

And...I still hold to my original thread. That is, to me and my ears, in my system, with the power that is provided to me locally, the Electra Glide Epiphany is the best, most balanced cable I have ever used.
Jason, Since you have experience with these cables, can you describe the differences between the Epiphany and the Ultra Kahn Statement II Rev. What about the bass on both (tight?) The Epiphany seems to be a higher gauge version of the UK Statement II R, but at a much higher street price.

The differences physically are 25% more foils (both Silver and Copper) in the Epiphany and thus more current capability and greater expense and hassle to manufacture for Electra Glide. Sound wise, the Epiphany has much more of the UK Statement II R's characteristics. First, there is a significant drop in the noise floor, there is also an improvement in the speed, dynamics, bass control and percieved loudness/volume levels. Plus I have noticed a more balanced sound with a fuller-dimensional soundstage. All things considered though, the UK Statement II R is the real steal of the line as they can be had for around $1,200 to $1,300 brand new including the new ERS Cloth models being produced. Where as the rareness (only 50 being produced according to the website) and the tight control is keeping the Epiphany more close to the retail price. If you have the resources, there is no doubt in my mind that the Epiphany is the best cable I have ever owned, demo'd or heard.
Not all power cords are created equal. The Electraglide's, Shnyata's, BMI's, NBS's, Elrod's are in a league of there own. All these cords did something wonderful in my system. It's a matter of doind a balance of how much of a wonderful thing.
Not all manufacturers are created equal either. I'm not sure about BMI, NBS or Elrod (although I do like my Elrod EPS-3 Signature power cord), but Shunyata ranks at or near the top for customer service and information, while Electra Glide Audio is certainly at rock bottom.