Electraglide power cables

I am in the process of upgrading pc's from stock to aftermarket. I have lexicon mc8 balanced pre, rt-10 dvd and sunfire sig seven powering revel studio set-up. I am looking at electra glide fatboy and ref glide cables. I will be hooking up a mamba v2 to the dvd. What has been your experience with electra glides, other suggestions?
try and buy bmi whale or shark,the best .
thanks for your answer, it means nothing
Er... hi! Dunno if I can help. I am using Electriglide Fatboy Gold SE. Electriglide Fatman and their Fatman K?!
Have used XLO Standard Power Cord, Tara Labs The Master Power Cord, Aural Symphonic Standard Power Cord, Aural Symphonic Cubed V3 and ESP The Essence. The Electrigliades are the best ones I have tried. Had not tried any others. Heard the Harmonic Technology Magic Power Cord. I like it. Perhaps you could audition this. There's seem to be a lot of Electrigliade available here on the Audiogon. Be patient and you will save a lot of money.
I tried the Electriglide mk3 ref. on my Meridian 508/24 awhile back and found it to be a touch too warm and fuzzy for my taste. Nice cord but didn't work for my application.
I purchased the Zu cable Mother and the added warmth was gone.
some possible down sides to Electroglide, they are very stiff, and in time the internal conductors of mine have shifted changing the geometry, and becoming lumpy. I also own a Audience pc. it sounds as good without all the headaches.
The Fatboys are very flexible. They can become "lumpy" if many bends are required and one isn't real careful.It is the nature of the design. The Electraglides are among the best. They can be warm but very smooth.A plus in bright systems. It all depends on the synergy of one's gear.A long break in time is also required. There are many great cords on the market... Electraglide started the power cord movement in 1997 and still is on the cutting edge with their newer designs and price decrease.