Electra Glide Ultra Kahn II and NOISE

I just got an Electra Glide Ultra Kahn II for my Theta Dreadnaught II and it hums! Not a big "must have the polarity wrong" hum like the last EG chord I got, but a very annoying hum none the less. Anyone else run into this? Will it go away? Sounds good otherwise. The Verastarr that this replaces was relatively black in comparison. I'm ready to give up on this manufacturer. The amp end does not fit snuggly and for this price...you would think they would gold plate the contacts at least.
Same thing happened to me when I tried a few of the EG cables, including the one you listed.

My system is very sensitive to proper grounding. The EG cables do not have a ground conductor. No matter where I put them (e.g. amp, cdp, etc.) the system hummed like crazy, and was unlistenable. I put my grounded power cables back in, no problem.
1markr is correct. The Electraglide PC that you have does not have the ground conductor and the Theta Dreadnaught II amp (that I am currently auditioning in my system) requires a PC with the ground. Also, IMO, the EG UKII is a PC that is better suited for use on a source component rather than an amp. I currently use an Epiphany on a CDP and it works very well there.
Thanks guys, I never would have thought that the chord was not grounded...it is run to a PS UO though...would'nt that ground it? What other cables do you all rcommend like the EG? I like the sonic charachteristics it claims and am thinking that I may even like an all silver flavour.

Meanwhile I'll try it on my Ayre preamp...
I don't think running it into the PS UO will ground it - if it did, you wouldn't hear the hum from the Dreadnaught. I am using an Elrod Statement on the Dreadnaught that I am listening to and it sounds superb. I'd suggest contacting the Cable Company - they have a "lending library" of power cords and cables. You can borrow from the library and try several different cords in your system to find what works best for you before you buy.
What company can't even enunciate to their customers that the third wire is not connected...losers.

I used to have the same problem with EG PCs....I won't use his stuff in my system....I myself love the Elrod PCs.....
The Elrod EPS3 Signature power cord is terrific, as is the Extreme Reference from DCCA Audio.

Electra Glide received my 20a Epiphany cord in the beginning of June for conversion to a 15amp version. As of October 9, four months later, and after William Scott Hall sold my cord to another customer, I still have not received a replacement cord. Why do business with this company when there are other excellent power cords made by reliable companies?


I agree with your assessment of the Elrod and DCCA power cords. I just sold my Elrod Sig3 for financial reasons, but recently rebuilt a new system(downgraded?) with the DCCA cords and I am happier with the overall sound than I was previously with my system that cost five times as much. I still can't believe that Scott Hall hasn't come through for you. In any event, companies like Elrod and DCCA will probably run Electraglide "out of Dodge" soon enough.
I still can't believe that Scott Hall hasn't come through for you. In any event, companies like Elrod and DCCA will probably run Electraglide "out of Dodge" soon enough.

I've filed complaints against Electra Glide Audio with the Georgia Governor's Office of Consumer Affairs and the Metro Atlanta Better Business Bureau. Neither action has prompted Scott Hall to honor his end of our contract. I'm now investigating the requirements to file a lawsuit in the Fulton County Magistrate's Court. Anyone know a civil attorney in metro Atlanta?
Sherod, I am also amaze, how good are the DCCA,I have
tried many power cables VD nite,audience powerchord,
Top Gun costum powercord,MIT, Van Den Hul,Kimber,Tara and
many more others,this are all very very good cables
in my system,some of this cable are still in my system.
The DCCA are the cables that have put my system on onother
level,they have this natural Unfatiguing Sound.I listen
for hours, this is the only problem,spending to much
time listening.The good thing about this Don is a very
very nice person to deal with,and the price is very
reasonable.I already have 3 of these cables,I got the
ref1,and 2 power extreme.Tvad, Grant I am glad you
tried them, and like them.Of course I mentioned to
Grant if He tried them, He will end up keeping them.
I notice also even one ref1 pc, has a big impact on
my system, and they are very consistent on every
system, we tried.
I have only tried the entry-level Power wave Extreme and I'm very impressed. I can only imagine how much better the next two Ref1 and Reference cords sound. I want to get the full measure of this entry-level cord at first. Then I might just try one of the upgrade versions. Happy Listening.
Sherod,the reason I bought 3 pc, because I dont think
the Marantz cd player costing $1250 used would be
able to beat what the DCCA pc cables have done to
my system, they are just unbelievably good,all of
my friend who tried them, end up up buying at 3
WORLD,I stop looking for pc.My search is over.
OK OK I'll take one!!! First off...Who wants to buy this EG UK II off me!! Seriously, I very much want to try a DCCA. Sounds reasonably well valued. The EG sound good on the preamp, though I don't like supporting this guy. Anyone who would pay 5k for a pc outa have his priorities straightened out. First off though...if a component gets all the power it needs when it needs it, what else is there (besides value)? Can a PC give a componant more than it is capable of? Can we really correct all those miles of tin (Al) wire with the last 3 feet? Keep in mind, I live in the middle of nowhere and can't audition anything really. I do beleive that a little silver helps the bass keep up and tight. Seems like the amp is the most critical place for a PC, though all componants certainly would bennefit from cleaner, adequate power on demand.

Canyon John,

DCCA has all three of their power cords on auction right now. There are many threads on why a good power cord makes such a big difference, in spite of the miles of cheap wire that precedes it. What most of us non-technical oriented audiophiles don't understand is that the power cord is actually an extension of the power supply. It is easier to understand why it does what it does when you look at it from that Layman's perspective. Have fun in evaluating your power cords. Just remember to give them adequate time to break-in , if new and adequate time to re-settle if broken-in, but unused for a while.