Electra 936be - Border Collie pup ate my drivers

I need to find a reliable place that supplies the woofers that go on the bottom! I don't know how much these can be but I can't imagine they're too much.

I guess I should take one out to see the model number.
Anyone where to get these originals besides freaking France?

Border Collies are a lot of fun, we have 2 of them, very high energy dogs and very intelligent. Tell him no on the speakers he will probably get it, then make sure he has lots of chew toys :-)

Here is a good place to start Zalytron

Best of luck

Haha...thanks!! I've since made my own solution of habañero peppers boiled, blended with corn oil and filtered. I brush it on just about everything that's not fabric I'm afraid he'd destroy!
They don't have the 6W4457 I need...
The only place to get Focal drivers in the U.S is through
Here's the site to contact them.
There's alot of people on there to ask about replacement drivers.