Elco Ultimate Digital Cable?

Hello:will appreciate any input on the performance and sonic signature on the elco ultimate digital cable,i'm also considering the acoustic zen mc=2,illuminations d-60,and any dig cable along this price line used.
my system consist of:
sim audio moon i-5 int.
resolution transport,chronos and two quantums dac in balanced configuration.
synergistic ic/speaker and p/c .
paradigm ref v-40 !! speakers,thanks so much in advance,AL
Our advice is to audition each of the cables that you are considering. A reputable cable company (or dealer) will have no problem giving you the option to return the cable (usually a 30-day return time-frame) if you are not satisfied. A few dollars (in shipping costs) is worth finding the best match to your system.
I have no experience with the Elco, but have tried the AZ MC2=Zen and the Kimber Illuminations D-60. The Kimber was VERY forward in the midrange and therefore unnatural. It also showed some muddiness, tubbiness and overemphasis in the bass. It did however show an incredible level of high frequency detail, without evidence of brightness. Otherwise, it showed no extremely obvious flaws. Because of its midrange forwardness, I couldn't use it. The AZ is a better cable than the Kimber, in my opinion. Although it also has flaws, they are less extreme than those shown by the D-60. It is detailed, but not as much as the Kimber. There is some upper midrange brightness, but this doesn't show itself all the time. However, on records that are recorded to sound bright, I found the AZ to be a litle edgy. The AZ also sounds a little rolled off at the low and high frequency extremes, particularly at the low end.

I agree with the previous poster that you should audition these cables for yourself. I rented the two cables that I spoke of from the Cable Company (http://www.fatwyre.com). The cost to me to rent these cables was about $30 for both ($15 for the cables) and $15 for the shipping. They got the cables to my home within 2 days. I was very happy overall with their service.

I have heard very good things about the Elco GI-999 Gold from people whose opinion I respect, but I have no personal experience. I believe that the Cable Company has the Elco for rent. You should be able to arrange to get all three of these cables for rental for approximately 14-17 days from them.
I have Elco GI-999R interconnects. I replaced Acoustic Zen Silver Reference with them. I also have an Elco Ultimate HPC 10 power cord, which is one of the best in my system. Elco makes viable products BUT....there is no better digital cable (RCA) than the Kharma Reference. Comparing it to other digital cables is nothing short of amazing. Everything sounds so much more natural with the Kharma. Subtle details are represented the way they should be, and the low level detail from this cable is stunning.

If you can find one of these used, buy it. You will never look back. They are $2000 retail, but you can usually find an Italian audiophile selling one for $650-$700 shipped. Second to that, I would recommend the newest version of the Ensemble Gigflux. If you can audition the Elco, these are the two I'd compare it to.
I had the Elco Ultimate & Kimber AGDL as well as the Cardas L-15, NBS Monitor IV, Electra-glide Silver Signature,JPS Superconductor, Marigo original Apparition & Apparition 5.0 & HT Platinum as well as others. I returned the Elco b/c it was too smooth in my system. Vocals became slow and thick sounding? The Kimber was down right muddy in comparison to the best cables such as the HT Platinum, MC2, NBS, & L-15. I have a friend though who LOVES the Elco? He has a HUGE SS amp though and stock MSB Link. I currently consider the MC2 to be the best of the batch for my tastes. It has the best shimmer up top I have ever heard, voices are natural & vibrant w/o sibilance, and bass is very fast and articulate although a bit lean. I have a tube system upstairs w/ EVS M2 DAC and Solid State downstairs w/ Bel Canto DAC. I have the MC2 on both. However, I do sometimes miss the bass of the HT Platinum which was close up top to the MC2. So I have just purchased the HT Magic in hopes the highs will be as beautiful and natural as the MC2 w/ that great bass of the platinum. Never heard the Magic yet but is should be here this week if the post office continues to run. Very curious if anyone has compared it to the MC2? BTW, I could have easily have lived w/ the Cardas L-15, JPS Superconductor, or NBS Monitor IV for a long time! The Marigo Apparition is a great cable too if you can get a used one for like $250 or so. Not sure I would pay $600 for it when the MC2 is around?