elco Audio Inc

Hi there! Just wondering if any one out there has tried any of the Elco Audio's cables which are being offered for auction at this website. Thanks!
I just bought the ultimate digital cable and 2 pairs of interconnects 1 gold, 1 silver last week. They match up great with my equipment. Andrew at Elco was great to deal with and the cables arrived in 2 days. Feel free to email me with any questions you have. They are not even broken in yet and sound very very good.

Hi Joe, thank you for your feedback. It's just that we have not seen any of their advertisement in the Hi-Fi mags nor is there a lot of reviews on the cables' performances. We always have been buying "branded" cables like Tara Labs, XLOs, Transparent Audio, MITs, etc ... And we can't audition them since there are not available through the usual retail stores over here. Thanks again!